Where Good Girls Go To Die.

” I have never wanted something so bad in my life. But you are worth more.”



It was a bad idea from the beginning.

He was my brother’s best friend and the definition of unavailable.

But I didn’t care.

I had loved him for as long as I could remember.

He was worth the risk. He was worth everything.

But then he broke my heart as easily as I fell for him. He watched me fall, spiraling out of control, and as I reached for him, he wasn’t there to catch me.

So I ran.

Four years later, I never expected to see him again.

He was still my brother best friend, and he was more unavailable than ever.

He looked every bit the bad boy I knew he was, covered in tattoo’s and a crooked smile.

Guarding my heart from him was top priority because Parker James was where good girls go to die.

Unfortunately for him, I wasn’t a good girl anymore.

4.5/5 Stars!

OBSESSED! That’s what I felt when I was reading Where Good Girls Go To Die. I was totally consumed by this story and I could not get enough.

Livvy left home to get away from a broken heart, how she found herself dancing in a strip club, she doesn’t know but it pays the bills. Walking in to do a VIP dance for a bachelor party, Livvy never thought her brother Mason would be apart of the group, let alone the one man who broke her heart four years earlier and guess what? Parker James is the groom. Moving back home with her brother just might be the thing Livvy needed, but that also means she needs a job and that puts her smack dab in the middle of Parker’s world once again.

“She was chaos and madness, her heart never sitting still for long, and when I was with her, everything else crumbles away and I felt like I was home.”

The title and the cover of this book sold me for some reason, I didn’t even know what it was about when I one-clicked it but I sure as hell am happy I did! I immediately fell for both Livvy and Parker, separately and together. I loved all of these characters and this love story.

Livvy has such an attitude that was awesome, I loved her snarky comments and her no shits given way about her. Livvy had such a big heart though, and it was still trying to heal from all those years earlier with her and Parker. You could feel the love she had for him whenever he stepped foot into the same room with her, it was like a fire lit up. Still, I respected her so much for not going after a taken man that she knew she could have if she really wanted him.

“I may have been a good girl then, but you destroyed every piece of her. I actually feel bad for Emily, because you, Parker James, are where good girls go to die.”

Parker James was HOT! Oh my goodness, the way Livvy described him, I had to wipe a little drool off my chin at some points. Number one, he’s tall dark and handsome with gorgeous eyes. Number two, he’s a tattoo artist and covered in his own beautiful masterpieces. Number three, the words that come out of this mans mouth when he talks about Livvy is to die for. Parker James really is where good girls go to die, because I wasn’t thinking about anything good when it came to him.

“And until you feel it, the loss of air, the panic crawling through your own skin, the desperation to inhale just one more time, you could never understand what it was like.”

As much as I adored the present love story between Livvy and Parker, what really got to me is when it took us back to the past when they were teenagers. Young, carefree and just living, that’s what their love was like. It was adorable and it had me smiling from cheek to cheek.

Everything about this book is just awesome, from the love story to the AMAZING side characters that will have you laughing out loud. It’s super steamy and heartbreaking and everything in between. If you haven’t read Where Good Girls Go To Die then you need to because you will meet a great new book boyfriend along the way ladies :). I will defiantly be checking out more from Holly Renee!

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KANE (Face-Off Series, #2).



As the captain of the Philadelphia Flyers, Tyler Kane has an ego the size of his hockey stick. He’s hot as puck, outscores all the centers in the league, and can get any girl he wants. Except the girl he wants is off-limits, a constant reminder of the bad decisions he made in the past. Until he meets Kennedy Lockwood, a feisty sports reporter that challenges Tyler and forces him out of his comfort zone.

He should leave her alone and spare her the drama that comes with his life outside the rink. But she insists there’s more to his story, wants to crack the ice around his heart and expose his secrets in the process. When Tyler agrees to an exclusive interview with Kennedy, he had every intention for it to end with smoking hot sex.

But he didn’t realize the sexy blonde who writes about hockey players and their big sticks would be the one to hit him the hardest.

5/5 Stars!

**Thanks so much to Jillian for providing me a copy of KANE in exchange for an honest review**

If any of you have read Parker by Jillian Quinn then I’m sure you were extremely excited for Tyler Kane’s story! I was jumping up and down once I got this baby in my hands. TOTALLY different than Parker, but in the best way possible! Tyler is my book hubby. Yes not book boyfriend but book HUBBY! Hello new category :).

The corner of his mouth turns up into a cocky smirk.

“I like it when you’re mean. I’ll consider this foreplay for later.”

Meet the captain of the Philadelphia Flyers, Tyler Kane. Hot as puck with an ego to match, Tyler is hands down a ladies man. On the outside he seems like every other young and single thriving hockey player but on the inside he is struggling with a past he can’t forget. When a sexy, quirky sports reporter walks into Tyler’s life, she starts stirring up painful memories. Kennedy Lockwood is persistent and driven and maybe the one thing Tyler needs in his life.

Oh my goodness you guys, these freaking characters! SO DANG STRONG! I just love Tyler and Kennedy. Don’t even get me started on the angst, lord the angst in this book is HOT! More than any of that though, I couldn’t stop laughing in Kane. These two had me rolling with laughter and they were so stinking cute. There’s nothing better than feisty, defiant characters who have smart mouths, I just loved it all.

“I write about one-night stands and every type of sexual encounter imaginable, most of which I have experienced for myself or vicariously through Sydney or our viewers. With Tyler, I want this to be right –

no, perfect.”

Tyler Kane is my kind of man,

Laugh out loud funny √

Sweet as can be √

Sexy as all get out √

Dog lover √

He has got it all ladies. His past and what he wants for his future is what really reeled me in though and I was totally a fish hanging onto his hook by the end of this book.

Kennedy is all kinds of feisty and I loved her! She made me laugh so much, especially her and her bestie Sydney. They were hilarious and by the end of it you will want to be best friends with both of them. I loved Kennedy’s attitude and how independent she was but more than that, she loves curling up at home on a Friday night with a good book. Defiantly my kind of girl! Jillian makes such badass women characters full of independence and success that is truly admiring.

The depth of this story is what stuck with me though, there’s nothing better than a troubled past between characters and an even more unsure future. It draws you in and sucks you right up. That’s exactly what Jillian did in Kane, she pulled on my heart strings and took me along for the ride.

“I know what it’s like to have everything you love taken away from you, baby.

Trust me.

I have endured more heartbreak and sadness to last a lifetime.”

Fantastic writing, and a bunch of angst filled scenes that will have you longing for more! If you haven’t started the Face-Off Series yet then I don’t know what you are waiting for. Parker and Kane totally have my hearts and I can only imagine what the next book has in store for us readers! I can’t wait to find out :).

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We all crave them like we crave that last slice of cake. They are like gold, everyone wants them but not everyone gets them.

You are beautiful.

You are hot.

You are sexy.

You are handsome.

You are cute.

You are pretty.

When you think of compliments you think of appearance right? Like “Oh, your dress is so cute where did you get it?” Or “Your makeup is so on point today, girl.”

Those are great, I mean I love being complimented on my looks or what I’m wearing or maybe even my hair but what about something else…

What if someone told you that they are happy you are in their life.

Or that you are the strongest person they have ever met.

You are smart as hell.

You always make them laugh when they need it.

You are worth everything.

They never want to lose you.

You make life easier by being here.

They are proud of you.

You are incredible inside and out.

Wouldn’t your heart melt like a popsicle on a hot Summer day? If I could hear one of those every single day, I would feel like the most powerful woman in the world.

You would feel like what you do in this life matters, and it truly does.

Words are such a powerful thing and those words are gold. They will make someone feel something for days to come.

Compliments don’t always have to be about looks, but for how someone makes you feel. How they treat you. What you see when you look at them. Or maybe even what they do to you.

Don’t be afraid to dish out compliments like it’s your job. That’s what we are here for, making people happy and making an imprint that will last a lifetime.

That’s what matters.

Lost Rider

“She was my compass when I was lost without direction.”



Maverick Austin Davis is forced to return home after a ten-year career as a rodeo star. After one too many head injuries, he’s off the circuit and in the horse farming business, something he’s never taken much of a shine to, but now that it’s his late father’s legacy, familial duty calls. How will Maverick find his way after the only dream he ever had for himself is over?

Enter Leighton Elizabeth James, an ugly duckling turned beauty from Maverick’s childhood—his younger sister’s best friend, to be exact, and someone whose heart he stomped all over when she confessed her crush to him ten years back. Now Leighton is back in Maverick’s life, no longer the insecure, love-stricken teen—and Maverick can’t help but take notice. Sparks fly between them, but will Leighton be able to open her heart to the one man who broke it all those years ago?

4/5 Stars

**Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for sending me a copy of Lost Rider in exchange for an honest review.**

I have a huge thing for second chance romances. There’s just something about them that gets my heart fluttering a million times more. The fact that people are full of forgiveness and faith is always such a heartwarming thing to read about. Lost Rider gave me all those feelings and so much more!

Maverick Davis is on his way home, going back to the one place that makes his skin crawl. After too many head injuries, his bull riding career has come to an end and all he feels is lost. What’s he supposed to do now? Work on his families ranch that he has never wanted anything to do with? The only positive thing about heading home is the thought of seeing Leighton James, the girl he doesn’t deserve. Leigh isn’t the same girl he remembers though, and she isn’t about to forgive him for breaking her heart all those years ago.

“I craved her. Hell, I craved her before I even knew what those feelings meant.”

While reading Lost Rider, I just kept picturing Scott Eastwood in my head. I mean how hot was he in The Longest Ride? I don’t know about Bull Riders in real life, but they are hot as sin in romance novels!

Leighton James is my girl! I love a girl who doesn’t fall to her knees over a man who broke her heart. I like when they make them fight for it and that’s exactly what Leigh does. She’s as sweet as the pies that she bakes but she has this fiery attitude that makes you smile. Leighton is a true country girl and you will love her and the ramblings between her best friend and co-worker. It’s true small town drama and I couldn’t get enough.

Maverick really is a lost rider. He holds so much pain in his heart that it breaks you apart just reading about it. The only thing I wanted for Maverick was healing, I wanted him to be happy. He’s a tall dark and handsome cowboy that needs some loving and even though I was a little jealous, I was also so happy that Leigh was the one to give him that.

“I was so fuckin alone. On the top of my game, ridin’ the beasts that made me feel like a fuckin’ god, but even in a sold-out arena, I felt like I was in a room all by myself.”

Sexual tension, emotions rolling high, laugh out loud moments. Lost Rider truly has it all and I applaud Harper Sloan for writing a great story! Full of wonderful characters and a warm feeling of small town living, my heart was totally into this one.

A part that truly put a smile on my face though had nothing to do with the writing itself. Every chapter has a song dedicated to it and I loved it! I love country music, I think it brings all the feels so when I would see songs that I loved in every chapter, I couldn’t help but love that little touch the author put in there.

“I’ve had one night with you and I have a feeling’ that even forever will never be enough.”

If you are looking for a true feel good romance full of friendship, loss, love and raw emotions then don’t hesitate to give Lost Rider a chance! It’s the first book in a new series for Harper Sloan and it is full of promise for more to come!

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Teach (City Of Sinners, #1).

“I already showed you just how good bad can feel, baby.”



Mark Montgomery cares about two things—getting laid and getting paid. He’s cocky, confident, sexy-as-sin, and counting down the last few months of college before he can begin his professional baseball career. But there are things Mark must do to survive until his big payday, questionable activities that could get him killed.

He doesn’t want to rope anyone into his mess, especially not Olivia Ford, the woman he takes home from the club, a sexy lawyer who turns out to be his Law and Ethics professor. Their new relationship changes everything. But Mark won’t take no for an answer. Olivia can fight him all she wants, but Mark is the one who will be teaching her a lesson. In her classroom. Bent over her office desk. On the hood of his car.

Mark is more than a dirty talker who’s good in bed and can throw a ball, but what he does on the side is the one thing that could tear them apart and expose their forbidden relationship to the world.

5/5 Steamy Stars!

**Thanks so much to Jillian for providing me with an ARC copy in exchange for an honest reiview.**

First of all, look at this cover! Just think of how good that cover will look front row center on your bookshelf ;). Teach is the first book in a new series from Jillian Quinn, City Of Sinners and your damn right you will be a Sinner by the end of it!

I’ve read my share of taboo books and I have to say I find them really interesting so when I heard Jillian was coming out with a series of taboo books, I was stoked! Mark and Olivia’s story was the perfect way to start it out, I LOVED them!

“She pretends as though I do not exist, but that only makes me want her more.

We both Know this is wrong. But, right now, the wrong thing feels so damn right.”

Mark Montgomery is a college senior, waiting for his chance to make it as a pro baseball player. He’s cocky, funny and known as a total ladies man so it’s no surprise when he takes a beautiful dancer home from a club one night. Olivia Ford is sweet, smart and can’t resist Mark for one second even when she finds out that she is his Law and Ethics Professor. She knows she should call it quits but Marks biggest fantasy is coming to life, so why not see where it goes?

Sizzle….Crackle….POP! The sexual tension in this book is CRAZY. Mark and Olivia make your cheeks redden and your breathing pick up a bit. They ooze sex and chemistry and it is awesome. You will be begging Mark to call you good girl, and that dirty talk! Just wow :).

“What’s your name?” I mouth. She leans into my ear. Her breath sends a chill through me.

“Teach. What’s yours?”

“Mark, but you can call me God.”

I loved these two characters, if you’ve read Corrupt Me then you’ve already learned a bit about Mark. He loves to live on the edge, he’s super fun and cocky as hell. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks but deep down he’s the sensitive type we all love. Olivia is the complete opposite, she’s more safe and grounded and she is super sweet. Mark is so sure of himself and knows exactly what he wants, where Olivia is really just trying to find her place in this world. The saying “opposites attract” is so true with these two!

As much as I loved the sexiness and guilty pleasure of Teach, there’s also a lot of depth to the story. The family history and the deeper meanings just make it that much better. There’s so much feeling and I was just soaking up all of it!

Jillian has phenomenal writing skills and one of my favorite things that she does is bring in her other characters. It was so fun to see Luca, Izzie and even Parker and Coach in Teach! I think I squealed with excitment every time one of them would show up. It means a lot to us readers when you drag our favorite characters along with you as much as you can.

“I swoon so fucking hard my heart feels as though it could leap from my chest. He somehow manages to be cute and bad all at the same time and I cannot get enough of it.”

Teach was so good and one of my favorite reads of the year. Grab a glass of wine, light some candles, curl up and get to reading because I promise you will devour it in one night just like I did! Short, sexy and SUPER fun. Mark Montgomery will take take you on a thrill ride ladies, so buckle up! 🙂

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Say I’m Yours

“You’re the only thing I know that’s real.”



I spent twenty years waiting for Trent Hennington to open his eyes and see me. But it was all for nothing. He chose to keep himself guarded and let me walk away, proving that my time and efforts were wasted.

I’m done being invisible.
It’s time to move on.

A single dance sets my new reality into motion, and I welcome it. After all, Cooper Townsend is perfect. He’s kind, sexy, and attentive—everything a girl could want.

I thought I got it right this time.
That my heart could mend, and I would be happy.
Apparently, some things really are just too hard to walk away from.

4/5 Stars!

Corinne Michael’s knows how to break me! Her writing is so beautiful and so raw and I have been anxiously awaiting for Say I’m Yours. This can be read as a standalone but I URGE you to meet the rest of the Hennington brothers in Say You’ll Stay and Say You Want Me. They are the dreamy cowboys I’ve waited my whole life for ;).

“Say I’m yours,” he demands.
I don’t hesitate. “You’re mine.”
“Say you’re mine.”
“I’ve only ever been yours.”

Trent is the oldest Hennington brother and the town sheriff of Bell buckle Tennessee and Grace Rooney is completely in love with him. There’s only one problem, she’s tired of waiting for him to say it back. Grace is in her mid thirties and she is ready to have what all her friends have. A marriage, babies, a happily ever after and if Trent can’t give her what she wants after twenty years of being on and off then she needs to look elsewhere.

Meeting someone else in a small town? Pretty much impossible!

There’s something special about following characters through books, it’s a journey. When a new one comes out, it takes you back in that happy place. That’s how I felt while I was reading Say I’m Yours, I was back in my happy place with these characters in a little Tennessee town.

I was so nervous about how I would like Trent and Grace’s book. I was completely infatuated with Zach Hennington and Wyatt Hennington pretty much has my heart. So I was nervous about if I would like the cocky, no shits given sheriff that is Trent. It didn’t take long for Trent to hit a soft spot in me, and soon I was a goner.

“He makes me weak.

He makes me stupid.

He makes me love him.”

I really liked Grace, she was kind and soft hearted and pretty much the definition of a southern bell. I felt for her with her need to find the right love and to make a family like she deserved. I feel like in this day and age that it’s easier to be with someone for years without that commitment of marriage and I know how frustrating it can be for us hopeless romantics. So I really bonded with Grace in that aspect. Other times though, I wanted to yell at her because she needed to show Trent what was up and stop letting him walk all over her!

Trent Hennington isn’t good at fishing, and he would rather do anything else than work on a farm all day. Put a badge and a gun in his hand though and he is in his true element. Trent was rough around the edges and super intense! At first I was aggravated with him and his macho man ways but as the story went on, my heart grew softer and I just wanted to give him like the biggest hug in the world. Trent’s caveman ways will totally grow on you.

Once again Corinne brings an intense tragedy into a beautiful love story. I don’t know how the heck she does it every single time but she does! My heart breaks a little whenever I read her writing, literally. She brings such raw emotions into a story and I clutch my heart like crazy.

“It’s time that we fight for each other rather than against each other.”

If you want to read a love story that will really move you then read Say I’m Yours. Don’t start there though! Go back to the beginning and meet these amazing characters in Say You’ll Stay and Say You Want Me. I promise their stories and their little town will be in your heart for a long time to come!

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The Breakdown

“If you can’t trust yourself, who can you trust?”



Cass is having a hard time since the night she saw the car in the woods, on the winding rural road, in the middle of a downpour, with the woman sitting inside―the woman who was killed. She’s been trying to put the crime out of her mind; what could she have done, really? It’s a dangerous road to be on in the middle of a storm. Her husband would be furious if he knew she’d broken her promise not to take that shortcut home. And she probably would only have been hurt herself if she’d stopped.

But since then, she’s been forgetting every little thing: where she left the car, if she took her pills, the alarm code, why she ordered a pram when she doesn’t have a baby.

The only thing she can’t forget is that woman, the woman she might have saved, and the terrible nagging guilt.

Or the silent calls she’s receiving, or the feeling that someone’s watching her…

4/5 Stars!

**Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me a copy of The Breakdown in exchange for an honest review.**

I’m sure everyone has read or has heard of Behind Closed Doors, and if you were anything like me then you absolutely loved it! So it’s no surprise that I have been anxiously awaiting to read Paris’s new book, The Breakdown.

After Cass keeps driving when she see’s a woman’s car idled on the side of a creepy, wooded road and finds out the next day that the same women was brutally murdered, she can’t get rid of the guilt she feels for not stopping to help. Now she keeps getting strange calls, and she keeps forgetting the simplest things. Is it her guilt that is taking over, is it her mother’s early dementia starting to happen to her too, or is it more? Is someone really watching her, or is she just having a breakdown…

“Fear and guilt have become such constant companions that I can’t remember what it was like to live without them.”

I don’t want to touch much on the plot, but I did like the characters. I felt an attachment to Cass, especially towards the end. I couldn’t believe how much her life was spiraling out of control in such a short amount of time, it was nuts! I don’t blame her with her constant fear though, it’s like everyones worst nightmare to come across an idled car in a crazy storm on a wooded road and then to find out that the woman was murdered and to start getting creepy silent killer calls. Hell yes, I would be crazy too!

As much as I liked this book, I didn’t find myself getting into it very quickly and it took me a little longer to finish the first part.

And then came the last 40% of the book, I was totally hooked from then on and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. It really started picking up it’s pace and the pieces of the puzzle started coming together bit by bit and I loved it! I had an idea of what I thought the outcome was going to be, and who really did it but then Paris totally went a whole other direction and I was super satisfied! It also helps that I’m extremely horrible at guessing what is about to happen! I never get it right.

As much as the last 20% will have you at the edge of your seat, I was still hoping for a bigger twist in the plot. I wanted a mouth open, “WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED” sort of reaction and as satisfying as this whole book was, that feeling never came.

Overall it was a great read. The Breakdown was gripping, eerie and took your mind on a rollercoaster ride! It did such a good job at throwing you off course and I think that’s what makes psychological books oh so good! I look forward to reading even more from B.A. Paris. Her writing is phenomenal!

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