Wedding Diaries; Fun Update!

455 days until ‘I Do’!

The Wedding process has been super fun lately! 

I went to a Wedding Expo back in January and I won a Mary Kay Bridal facial party for me and my bridesmaids! We just went to it last Saturday and let me tell you, my face has never felt smoother! Plus I learned a lot about skin health (some stuff I didn’t want to know about at all). Like apparently we all have eyelash mites!? YEAH! I’m sure your face looks like mine did when I looked it up and totally had nightmares lol.

Overall it was super fun and I think it’s getting the girls even more excited for all the stuff to come! I’ve been trying so hard to come up with different things that everyone can be included in and so far, with making plans I think I’m doing a pretty good job at it.


I picked a date for my wedding dress shopping!

YEP! I’m freaking out! So I made an appointment for October 7th at a place called The Wedding Shoppe. It has AMAZING reviews and I guess they have really unique brands just for their store and without the expensive price tags! I’m really excited and I have a gut feeling that I will find my dress there just by talking to one of the consultants and looking at what they offer :).

I also made my bridal party appointments for David’s Bridal at the end of September! Time to find some champagne dresses! I’m not picky at all and I want them to be comfortable so I’m going to let them pick the styles they want, as long as the dresses are all the same shade of champagne. I can’t wait to see my girls shine!

My first engagement photos are one month away! I am so excited, I went shopping today with my mom to find a dress to wear for them. I’m obsessed with the one I picked! But it made me realize how bad I need a tan lol, It makes me look so white! Hopefully I can get the approval from the photographer to be able to share the session on my blog so you all can see them!


I also found the cutest things while shopping today and my mom practically threw it all in her cart and wouldn’t let me leave without any of them lol. She is adorable and is totally obsessed with this whole wedding!



I am obsessed with the bottle that says “Today I marry the one I love” like how stinking cute is that!? I think it would look perfect on the card and guestbook table!

Well that’s all I have for now! Hopefully my next post will include engagement pictures! I can’t wait for them :).

Thanks for stopping by!

Our Story; The Way We Met.

Our meeting is boring, but our ongoing story is incredible.

Spring of 2012.


It’s simple; Meeting through mutual friends. I know right, the least bit romantic coming from me a total romance junkie! But it’s more of the how you fell in love part that is the most important.

After meeting on a night filled with friends and drinks and AJ trying to flirt with me by showing me card tricks (rolling my eyes, the booze was defiantly flowing.) Any chance of hanging out was thrown out the window. AJ was still living up in Saginaw with his college buddies at this point, so here comes the true importance of technology.


Late night texts, random mid-day jokes, it started out as a friendship (Which number one relationship advice, find your best friend!) until AJ came home for a weekend and we decided maybe it was time to hang out one-on-one.

Now let me just say I am a TOTAL over-thinker, I’m completely chill about it when we are planning everything out. Like ok, I can handle hanging out with some food and watching Red Wings hockey (it was almost play-off time). Well when it came time for it, I totally flaked and got so nervous and made up a lame excuse for that night. So scratch that meeting.


Yes, I know.

But I redeemed myself the next day, and it turned out to be movies in the middle of the afternoon before AJ left to go back to Saginaw (thank goodness, right? Almost missed my chance!)

Well, I’m not the only nervous one, because movies turned out to be tension filled, high school type feelings. I don’t care what anyone says, movies as your first date are the scariest. You can’t really talk, you have no idea what the other is thinking about, it’s totally butterfly’s in your stomach filled.


Is he going to hold my hand?

Is he an arm over the shoulder type? PLEASE be a no.

Why isn’t he reaching for my hand!?

Yep! I left with only a hug goodbye, and an unsure feeling but also feeling triumphant that I dragged him to a Nicholas Sparks movie, so at least I had that over him ;).

Girl power!


That was five years ago, and long gone are the nervous should I, or shouldn’t I’s.

But the flutter’s in my stomach, and the shaky how did I end up with him feeling’s are still there and stronger than ever.

I guess that’s good though right, since I’m marrying him ;).


Update; Wedding Diaries.


Isn’t it weird to have a soul mate in this life? I used to think you could only find one in your dreams or through the pages of romance novels because I sure as hell never thought I would have one.

But here I am, 23 years old with a soul mate. How do I know? Is it even possible? 

Man it’s hard to explain, but this mans heart was literally made for me.

I just know it.

I guess I could just say, I didn’t know I loved anything in particular about someone until I met him. When I describe what I love, I’m describing him, his soul, his heart.

Everything that makes up the person he is.

That’s how I know.


We are under 500 days!

I know that still seems like a long time and it is but I went from almost 600 down to under 500, so I’m a little ecstatic!

After this Summer is over, time is going to fly by because we will be to a year before it!

By the way, have you guys ever heard of the Penny Dates!? That’s what’s featured in the above picture. I used pennies to represent the dates of special moments in mine and AJ’s relationship. I decided to put it in a picture frame, it makes a super cute décor piece if anyone is interested in doing it :).

So I’m sure you’re all wondering, did you go dress shopping yet? Did you take engagement pictures yet?

My answer is going to be so boring, because it’s a no to all!

The only other thing I have done is book my engagement sessions. Yes I said sessions because I am splitting them up into two seasons, it’s going to be super fun.

The first session will be on July 7th, it’s going to be like a downtown dressy feel since I adore my downtown area with all the water and old brick buildings!

The second session will be September 9th, my photographer actually lives on a farm so we are going to go out to her farm for a more casual photo op in fields and with pretty barns. I’m super excited for it!

So don’t worry, it’s all coming soon! I plan on going dress shopping for myself and my bridesmaids in November, if we can all last that long because I’ll tell ya what, I am itching to try on some pretty white dresses!

Pinterest has become evil, making me want so much and making so much work for me because I literally want to make or buy every single wedding related item I see on there.


It’s awful.

That’s all I have for now loves! I’ll send you off with a picture from Easter. I can’t believe in two weeks it will be five years since I’ve been with AJ!

How have I made it this long? It’s got to be those baby blues ;).


Wedding Diaries; Update (maybe a little ranting).

Happy Wednesday!

I am on a roll with this wedding planning! Who knew I would be so good at it ;). Really though, it’s been so fun so far and I’m really enjoying it. Here’s what I have accomplished so far (special thanks to my wedding planning book!)


  • Date is set; September 8th, 2018!
  • Venue is done! Ceremony and Reception will be outdoors at a country club. Courtyard ceremony and tent reception which I am seriously so giddy about, I can’t even take it!
  • Photographer is booked! Engagment pictures will be done this Summer! I really like my photographer, she is so sweet and I think she will fit right in with what style I am looking for.
  • DJ is booked! They are awesome, so I know it’s going to be a great party once the music starts!

I know right, I have a ton of crap done for it being over a year away but I wanted to make sure I got everything I wanted within a fair price which worked out so good because I got all the new year deals that everyone had. So GO AJ for picking the perfect time to ask me :).

I think my biggest headache right now is the dang guest list! We both have big families, even just immediate family is big so it’s stressful. PLUS so many other friends I know have gotten engaged this year and I am like freaking out that they are going to have their wedding on the same weekend as mine (I’m a little nuts) lol. I am like the queen of anxiety, so let’s all say a prayer that I don’t end up being a bridezilla by the end of this!


On a happier note though, my Matron Of Honor and Bridesmaids all said YES!

  • Matron Of Honor; Marissa Thompson (Sister-in-law)
  • Bridesmaid; Alexi Zawicki (Friend)
  • Bridesmaids; Jenny & Courtney Macomber (Friends)
  • Bridesmaid; Morgan Thompson (Cousin
  • Bridesmaids; Riley & Bailey Thompsn (Cousins)

(Some photos below from their social media’s!)


AJ is in the process of asking his guys right now. He has three cards out in the mail, and on Friday he is hanging out with two of the groomsmen and the best man so he will ask them then. Look how cute his cards turned out that we ordered!


It’s really starting to sink in now, and I have so many decor ideas. A lot of them have to do with wine bottles, so I have friends helping me out so I have lots of bottles to decorate ;)!

Thanks for stopping by today! I’ll have more for you soon, especially when I start going spray paint crazy with decor pieces!

Choosing My Bridesmaid’s.

One thing I’ve realized about getting married, it brings relationships into perspective. One of the first things you think about is, who is going to be in my bridal party? I always thought it would be easy to choose but it took me about a month to figure out who I truly wanted to stand beside me.

Now AJ, he started naming his off like rapid fire. He has had a close group of friends since he was in elementary school and throughout the years it has never faltered. They always keep in touch, from states apart, to miles apart. For me, it was harder. A lot of friendships have dwindled down as I’ve gotten older, our scenes and our interests just changed and it’s perfectly normal.

So I started thinking of who has always been there, even if we don’t talk all the time because life gets in the way. Not who’s super fun, who would be great to party with at the bachelorette party. Just true friends and family who I can count on to help me because that’s what I really need. I came up with seven wonderful ladies for the bridal party! (You will get to meet in a later post.)

Now choosing is by far the hardest part but then next comes how am I going to ask!? I thought about this forever too, plenty of Pinterest filled hours later I landed on a super cute gift to give to each of my bridesmaids and my maid of honor. And now I am totally obsessed with scrolling through Etsy daily! Here’s a sneak peek before I send them off and ask the big question! :). (Wine tumblers are from Etsy. GlitterBooze is the sight!)


They each get a mini wine tumbler (like a mini wine sippie cup!), pink moscato bottle, nail polish for the big day and hand written notes! My colors are navy blue and champagne so I did sort of a navy blue and gold themed packaging, simple and easy!

If you think mine is cute, wait until you see AJ’s! He hasn’t asked anyone yet because he is a procrastinator and hasn’t even ordered them. We thought this would be an easy way for him since a couple of his groomsmen live a state away or a couple hours away. Once again, Etsy freaking rocks!


Isn’t this awesome!? A little tuxedo card, and it’s in our colors. CallMeCraftie makes these ones. I can’t wait to see them in person!

Check back for more later! Thanks for stopping by Wedding Diaries :).



Welcome To Wedding Diaries.

As many of you already know, It’s no surprise that I am a hopeless romantic. I devour romance books like they are chocolate, because they are just as sweet. You can also tell by my writing section that I also love writing about it, I love telling stories about it.

One of my favorite things about being a blogger is how fun it is. You can write about anything you want to, and I love that whole aspect, it’s like therapy. I’m also going to be busy wedding planning for a while, but I still want to blog as much as I can.

So I thought, well why not tell my story through my blog posts? Why not share my journey with the love of my life? So that’s exactly what I am going to do.


Welcome to Wedding Diaries!

This section is going to be so fun for me, I love planning and sharing my excitement with others.

AJ and I have a fun, loving relationship and I think you will see it through these posts. You will also get to meet my fun bridal party and our crazy families through fun stories and adventures we will go on together.

I will try to update as much as I can! I can’t wait to share this journey with you all, I am overjoyed to start this planning process and start making my decor pieces. Tomorrow is my first bridal expo so I am hoping to lock down a venue, and set a date!

Thanks so much for sticking with me through all of my crazy idea’s I come up with. This one though, I am most excited about. So make sure you keep following along and hang out with me! 🙂

Meet My Groom, AJ!

(more about him on a later post)


I have exciting news…

Waiting & waiting & waiting…..

It finally happened!

He liked it, so he put a ring on it…



AJ and I, where to begin?

I have loved this man for 1,688 days. May 2012 was the start of it all, and if you would have asked me if I thought I would be engaged four and a half years later I probably would have made one of my faces and said hell no. If you would have asked me two years ago if I would be engaged by now I would have probably said, well I hope so. If you would have asked me a year ago if I would be engaged by now I would have yelled I BETTER BE.

So here we are, four years and almost 8 months later and I am feeling every emotion possible. It’s all starting to sink in, I am getting married. Not only that, I’m making a promise, a partnership, I’m making a life with the love of mine. My very best friend.


AJ isn’t a romantic man by any means, but I see everything I need to see through his actions and his heart. He might not be a flowers and sentimental type of man but he is a strong, fierce loving soul and I know when he does something, he puts his whole heart into it. I could tell by the way he proposed, just the two of us Christmas Eve morning. I could tell by the way he took every minute he could to catch a glimpse of that ring on my finger and steal a small glance my way all weekend.

I have never been so excited about anything in my life! We felt so overjoyed with the reactions from our family and friends. There were a lot of “FINALLY” moments going on and it all made me smile. We feel accepted, proud and most of all loved.


Now it’s time for the fun part, PLANNING! I already started a Pinterest board, yes I know. I bought a wedding planning book and am ready to go! So expect lots of exciting wedding posts in addition to all my other fun blog posts because I will be DIYing like crazy :).

Thanks so much for listening to my excitement! I love sharing the news,