Christmas Decor (A trip into my home).

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!


 It’s such a magical, loving time that is my absolute favorite time of the year.


I finally get to snuggle up in big cozy blankets as much as I want. It’s flannel season which means I live in flannel pajama’s during most of my days off (including right now). Hot chocolate, ice skating, SNOW, Christmas movies that make your heart so happy, and the best part? Family time, lot’s and lot’s of family time. Oh and how could I forget all the yummy baking? Defiantly one of the better parts.

Decorating for Christmas is probably the most fun activity. I have imagined the day I would have my own house where It would scream obsessive Christmas disorder. Finally, I have my own home and I have a lovely boyfriend who lets me throw as much Christmas and glitter anywhere and everywhere I want without a single complaint :).

Today we are taking a tour through my home and checking out all of my glittery decor. I love blue’s and silvers and you will totally be able to tell throughout my pictures. I think they are such classic and elegant Christmas colors.


The Tree!

Of course we have to start with my tree. It’s made up of blue and silver bulbs and of course the personalized ornaments. Funny thing, I have never done ribbon before because I’m awful at it. My mom however, is ribbon queen so I wanted it to look a bit fuller. I called in her assistance and just that small touch really does make your tree look a lot fuller!


Christmas Corner.

This is my little Christmas corner, I call it. I come into the living room and It’s my favorite place to look. If only I had a fireplace, I have so many visions for how to decorate a mantel! Anyway, my biggest decorating advice I have for you is to always decorate with two’s and three’s. If you notice, two pillows, two snowmen, three glitter tree’s. You get the idea, everything looks better in two’s and three’s.



How adorable are the snowmen and the little deer? I’m obsessed. Can I just keep all of this up all year long? It makes me that happy lol (I’m nuts).


I’ve started a little obsession with throw pillows lately. I just think they add an extra touch everywhere. First I was nervous about putting them on the ground because I thought for sure that Izzy would rip them to pieces when I’m at work but she’s been so good! Only stole two ornaments off the tree this year and kept my cute pillows safe :).



Christmas Vacation!

One of my favorite Christmas movies (which isn’t saying much, because I love them all) is Christmas Vacation, it’s hilarious and I love it. AJ and I have taken a hobby out of collecting the little figurines every Christmas and they have turned into some of my favorite pieces for decorating! Especially cousin Eddie and his motor home. I put them on my TV stand to give them a center display.


Still obsessed with this vintage side table and that camera! By the way, if you are looking for a great Christmas candle, go to Yankee candle and pick up Christmas Cookie! It’s amazing.


Right after this picture I took a great one of Izzy!


She’s adorable :). The lady’s face on TV though!


These pinecones were originally supposed to be ornaments but they just weren’t hanging right and I got frustrated. So I found this really cute center piece that has a holder in the middle and I filled it with them and then loved how bright it made this piece so I placed them around the center also. Great for a coffee table center piece or even an ottoman center piece!


Kitchen Decor!

I have a smaller kitchen, so I don’t go crazy with decorating in here because I don’t have a lot of counter space and I don’t want it to look like too much. I used glittery vase fillers that went with my colors and I added a darker table runner which is absolutely gorgeous! I am obsessed with it and it would also look great on a coffee table so I might order another one :).


I just do simple knickknacks for the kitchen. Simple hand towels, a little sugar holder with a penguin popping out. A cookie jar. A little Christmas bowl for candy or even cookies if you want them on display. Also another candle that I love for Christmas from yankee candle is candy cane lane! A nice fresh peppermint smell. It’s great.

That is mostly my Christmas decor! I still have stockings on the door to put up and garland on the stair railing but that is pretty much it and majority of the cuteness. One last piece I would love to show you is a ladder decor piece I did for outside.


It’s an older style ladder and I bought big bulbs to tie onto it plus this adorable wreathe. It’s so cute outside I love it. You could also do something for inside though if you have a rustic like Christmas decor style. Here’s a picture inside.


I hope you all enjoyed a little trip into my home. Maybe it will inspire you for some decor pieces this Christmas!

December starts tomorrow, I can’t believe it. I hope you all have a wonderful December and a fabulous Christmas! Thanks for stopping by my blog today :).

Happy Fall Ya’ll!

Happy Fall Ya’ll!

The season boyfriends and husbands dread, and basic bitches love!

My boyfriend will be so thrilled to come home with a decorated house. I know he just loves when I ask to go to apple orchards and haunted houses. Oh and carving pumpkins!


For those of you who don’t know, besides being a bookworm I am also a decorating junkie! 🙂 Fall is one of my favorite seasons to decorate for, and of course Christmas.

I promised a couple bloggers that I would do a post on my decor choices. Most of my things are up, but I still plan on buying a few items to spruce it up even more. I’m surprised no one knows me by name at Hobby lobby and Joann Fabrics because during all Holiday seasons, I’m at one of them at least once every weekend it seems like.

Let’s get started! We will take a mini trip into my home :).



These are on my side tables. I’m actually going to buy some actual lanterns to change out these jar ones. I love these ones, but I’ve been so loving on some other lanterns I found a while ago 🙂 I bought the fillers at Hobby Lobby, everything 40% off!


This adorable little basket and pumpkin fillers are on my ottoman! Of course they are also from Hobby Lobby 😉


I actually made these wine bottles a while ago. I thought the burlap and the gold would be great neutral tones for all seasons and I’m really happy that they are! And that cute little acorn? It’s a candle!


This adorable little center piece is from Joann Fabrics. The candle was separate, but I thought they went perfect together. I’m obviously a bit obsessed with candles if you haven’t noticed already 😉


One of my favorite pieces are these little pumpkin sticks! Oh my gosh, when I found them at Hobby Lobby last year I was thrilled!! These vases are from my house warming party we had last Summer. I had all of our guests sign the vases and I have been using them as my kitchen table center piece. For every season I pick different things to go in them. The pumpkins are by far my favorite out of all of them 🙂


I have not yet done my outside decorations because I need to get pumpkins still. This is from last year though to give you a little sneak peak of what it kind of looks like! I decorated the hay barrels myself and this year I plan on making it even bigger. I’ll make sure to tweet a picture when I have the outside set up! 🙂

There’s a little fall tour of my home 🙂

Is anyone else a decorating junkie!? Let me know of any cute shops you know of that have online websites! I would love to check out more decor.

Have a great day!

Mason Jar Kleenex Holders (DIY)

Happy Sunday!

I hope everyone has been having a fabulous 4th of July weekend! Has anyone done anything fun this weekend? Feel free to share with me 🙂

Today I am going to do my mini step by step instructions on how to make my mason jar kleenex holders. These are super cute, they add just the right amount of color to a room or to an office.

Let’s get started!

What you will need


  • Mason Jars (any kind)
  • Paint (Chalk paint works so good! Acrylic paint works really good too. Americana and Martha Stewart paints I’ve found work the best when using Acrylic)
  • Foam paint brushes (medium size)
  • X-Facto Knife
  • Thick scrapbook paper (the thicker the better)
  • Stick On Stencils (mine are from Martha Stewarts collection, they stick on and stay in place and come off so easily and you can wash them off and reuse them.)

Step One

Clean your mason jar with some alcohol and make sure it’s dry before you start painting.

 Start painting the jar with your foam brush, use an up and down motion just like you’re painting walls so you don’t get any bumps. After your first coat, let it dry for about a half hour to an hour. Start your second coat. I did about 3 coats all together just to make sure everything was covered and smooth. 

Step Two

After your mason jars are painted and fully dry, that’s when you start to put your stencil on.

Like I said I used the Martha Stewart stick on and reusable stencils. They work amazing and you can find all of her products on amazon. They work really well for any craft project.

Stick your stencil(s) on and use a clean foam brush to slowly dab the paint onto the stencil. Slowly pull your stencil off so you don’t smear any of the paint and let it dry for about a half hour.

Step Three

Spray your jar with a clear sealer. I used a clear sealer with semi-gloss, so it gave it more of a glossy finished look. 


Step Four

Use the top lid of your mason jar to trace a circle with onto your scrapbook paper. 

Next use your X-Facto knife to carefully (they are very sharp) cut out an X shape in the middle of the circle. Carefully place your kleenex into the jar and slowly feed your kleenex into the opening and seal your lid. 


After that you are finished! It’s such an easy DIY project to try out. They make great gifts or they make a great accent to your own home or office.


If you end up making any, please share pictures in the comments! I would love to see them 🙂

My Reading Nook Room

Hey everybody!


I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I am super excited today and I just had to share it with everyone. I’ve been working on a guest bedroom in my house for like ever it feels like, trying to turn it into my little reading nook room and I am pretty much finished!

When AJ & I first bought our house, it was a foreclosure, so there were tons of things we had to do. Every room had to be repainted, a lot of things needed to be fixed. It took so much time and a year later it is finally looking awesome! 🙂

Ever since I saw this little bedroom in the house, I knew that I wanted it to be my little reading room. It used to be this dark red color and it made it look so small. So first I painted it, I did a pretty neutral color and I added stripes to the back wall for an accent. I love how it turned out!

 I used my great grandmas old vanity that my grandma still had, and made that my desk. It’s so pretty and I love the vintage look of it so I didn’t need to do anything to it. Then I went garage sailing and I found this awesome big cushy comfy chair that I can curl right into for only 30 bucks! My bookshelf was a gift for my birthday, it’s such a pretty color and after that final piece was brought to me, it has transformed into everything I wanted it to be!

Here are the pictures of my cute little room where I spend most of my time reading or writing 🙂




And that is my favorite room!

Do any of you have a favorite place you love to read?

Also I went to some vintage markets today, I found the cutest little table in the world. It matched my living room so I had to snatch it up. It’s just been a really good day! 🙂


DIY Sugar Scrubs

I love personalizing my gifts to others and since it’s Mother’s Day I thought of the perfect gift to pamper all the sweet ladies in my life! A super easy home made sugar scrub that literally takes maybe 10 minutes to make. The ones I made were a lemon sugar scrub and a raspberry lemon sugar scrub. It’s a great way to spoil yourself or to spoil others, it makes a super cute gift.

Here are the ingredients

  • 1/4 cup coconut oil (melted)
  • 3/4 cup granulated white sugar
  • 2-4 drops yellow or red food coloring depending on which batch you make
  • 10-15 drops lemon essential oil or 10-15 drops raspberry extract, depending on which scent you want


  • Melt coconut oil in microwave for 25-35 seconds until melted.
  • Pour sugar into oil and mix. If too juicy, add small amount of sugar and mix.
  • Add food coloring to make the color you desire.
  • Add essential oils and extract drops (if you’re blending) to achieve the scent you want.
  • (For lemon raspberry I used 10 drops lemon EO and 10 drops raspberry extract.)
  • Store in air tight containers (I used small mason jars)

This recipe makes about 2-3 small cups of scrub. To make multiple if you’re doing gifts or batches then just double the recipe.

It turned out so cute and they work really well! I hope you enjoy 💕