The Story Of Us.

“How much can a man take before he breaks? When do the dreams stop giving him comfort and he has to accept that he’ll never see her again, touch her again or hear her say “I love you” again? “



1,843 days. That’s how long I survived in that hellhole. They tried to break me, but I resisted. And I owe it all to the memory of warm summer nights, the scent of peaches, and the one woman who loved me more than I ever deserved to be loved. Now, I’ll do anything to get back to her.

Only Shelby Eubanks isn’t the girl I left behind all those years ago. She’s someone else, a stranger. My Shelby-my little green-eyed firecracker-would never give up her dreams, would never disappear into her mother’s ambitions. But I won’t give up on her. On us. I may be broken, and scarred, and not the man I used to be, but I will do whatever it takes to remind her of the story of us.

5/5 Stars!

**Thank you to Netgalley and the Publisher for providing me a copy of The Story Of Us in exchange for an honest review.**

Oh my goodness, so heartbreakingly beautiful. I couldn’t put It down!

The Story Of Us follows Shelby and Eli. They come from completely different sides of the track but that doesn’t stop them from being young and in love. Shelby’s dream is to be a dancer, Eli is in the Marines. They thought they had their whole future figured out together, but as always, nothing seems to work out that way.

Now Eli’s team is suddenly deploying early and Shelby’s heart and dreams are now shattered. Shelby doesn’t know that the only thing that kept Eli alive for five years in hell was her and that he will stop at nothing to show her that, even if he has to break In the process.

“I wonder if she still thinks of me as much as I do her. I wonder if she knows she’s the only reason I’m still breathing, still fighting, and still holding on.”

Captivated, that’s how I felt while reading The Story Of Us. I didn’t think my heart could break over and over again, but these words…

They get to you!

This was my first Tara Sivec book and I had no idea she was going to gut me like this! What got to me the most was the strength of these characters. Shelby and Eli are so strong as individuals, even when they are weak. Even when their hearts and body’s were breaking, they still never gave up and did everything for the sake of love.

They were both also the most selfless characters I have ever met. Everything Shelby did, she did for Eli and his family. To protect him at all costs. Everything Eli did, he did to get back home to Shelby and to show her they can make it work. They were just beautiful together and I really enjoyed these characters.

“He makes me feel whole, he closes up wounds while at the same time ripping them wide open…and I never want it to stop.”

It’s just honestly an unforgettable story. The love, the loss, the angst. Even the writing and the perfect way it flows, it has everything and I never realized how much I was missing a romance story that would rip me right open.

It’s also full of twists and turns that got the plot really going towards the end, I even found myself surprised by some of it which is always a good thing.

As much as it is beautiful and sweet, it’s also a tough read and it deals with a lot of  hard situations but I think that only made me love it even more. And the ending!? ALL THE FEELS! The ending made me so happy!

“I love you … Only you. Always you.”

I have no clue why I haven’t read anything from this author yet, her writing is totally my style! Well after reading The Story Of Us, I will defiantly be finding more to dive into!

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