Wedding Diaries; Fun Update!

455 days until ‘I Do’!

The Wedding process has been super fun lately! 

I went to a Wedding Expo back in January and I won a Mary Kay Bridal facial party for me and my bridesmaids! We just went to it last Saturday and let me tell you, my face has never felt smoother! Plus I learned a lot about skin health (some stuff I didn’t want to know about at all). Like apparently we all have eyelash mites!? YEAH! I’m sure your face looks like mine did when I looked it up and totally had nightmares lol.

Overall it was super fun and I think it’s getting the girls even more excited for all the stuff to come! I’ve been trying so hard to come up with different things that everyone can be included in and so far, with making plans I think I’m doing a pretty good job at it.


I picked a date for my wedding dress shopping!

YEP! I’m freaking out! So I made an appointment for October 7th at a place called The Wedding Shoppe. It has AMAZING reviews and I guess they have really unique brands just for their store and without the expensive price tags! I’m really excited and I have a gut feeling that I will find my dress there just by talking to one of the consultants and looking at what they offer :).

I also made my bridal party appointments for David’s Bridal at the end of September! Time to find some champagne dresses! I’m not picky at all and I want them to be comfortable so I’m going to let them pick the styles they want, as long as the dresses are all the same shade of champagne. I can’t wait to see my girls shine!

My first engagement photos are one month away! I am so excited, I went shopping today with my mom to find a dress to wear for them. I’m obsessed with the one I picked! But it made me realize how bad I need a tan lol, It makes me look so white! Hopefully I can get the approval from the photographer to be able to share the session on my blog so you all can see them!


I also found the cutest things while shopping today and my mom practically threw it all in her cart and wouldn’t let me leave without any of them lol. She is adorable and is totally obsessed with this whole wedding!



I am obsessed with the bottle that says “Today I marry the one I love” like how stinking cute is that!? I think it would look perfect on the card and guestbook table!

Well that’s all I have for now! Hopefully my next post will include engagement pictures! I can’t wait for them :).

Thanks for stopping by!


10 thoughts on “Wedding Diaries; Fun Update!

    1. lol! I didn’t either!! I know I am so excited to try dresses on, I want it to hurry but then I don’t want summer to go by that fast at the same time. The mug is adorable!!! I love the color 😍

  1. Thank you for the update!!! It’s giving me all kinds of nostalgia from my wedding planning days. I LOVE the dress you chose for your engagement pictures! I hope you will be able to share some of the pics on the blog. I know it is a ways away, but good luck wedding dress shopping! I know you will look stunning in whatever you select.

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