Donovan (Face-Off Series, #3).



As the starting goaltender for the Philadelphia Flyers, Carter Donovan has the toughest position on the team. He’s hot as puck, a caveman in bed, and a beast on the ice. But after another season of missing the playoffs, Carter is taking the off-season harder than normal.

Just when Carter needs a change of luck, his teammate sets him up with Sydney Carroway, a famous romance author who likes to play games of her own. And after a blind date gone wrong, the dark-haired beauty has him wrapped around her finger. Sydney tortures Carter with her dirty words and pictures, thrives off the steamy conversations that give him a never-ending case of blue balls. Carter knows it. But he can’t get enough.

It might be Carter’s job to protect the net when he’s on the ice, but when it comes to Sydney, he needs more than a killer glove save to defend his heart.

5/5 Stars!

**Thanks so much to the Author for providing me with a copy of Donovan in exchange for an honest review.**

Jillian Quinn created two characters that will forever be my favorite. Carter and Sydney will have you laughing, crying and blushing through every chapter. I love them :).

Carter Donovan is the starting goalie for the Philadelphia Flyers. He’s taking not making the play-off’s personally and just can’t seem to get out of a funk lately. That is until Sydney Carroway, a romance author of all things smut comes barreling into his life. Sydney loves playing games with her men, how else does she get inspiration for her kick-ass novels? It’s all fun and games until reality and secrets take over, and sacrifices have to be made when it comes to their hearts.

“He is one sexy hunk of man. I could let him take me right here in this hallway and have the best night of my life, or I can wait him out, make him beg me for more.”

I don’t know what there is to love more than a great hockey romance. I loved every book in this series so far, but I think Sydney Carroway has to be my favorite character! This girl is like a breath of fresh air, she says whatever comes to her mind, including needing to know every different word there is for a mans penis. Sydney had me laughing so much throughout this book and I just couldn’t get enough. She is defiantly the book bestfriend that you always wanted!

Then there is Carter Donovan, what a hunk of a man! Tattoo’s all over his sculpted body, facial hair that you can’t help but want to feel everywhere. Carter is mysterious, rough and such a caveman but he will most defiantly steal your heart when he opens up. Plus, it’s just a cherry on top that he is from my home state Michigan, that makes me love him that much more.

“I have never had a problem getting laid. All I have to do is dial one of the girls on my list, and they come running over like domino’s pizza hot, ready and here within thirty minutes.”

The angst and flirtation in this book is addicting, Jillian certaintly brought the heat up a notch and I LOVED it. Just when you think Sydney will stop playing games and give in a little bit, she pulls herself away. You’ll be chugging your wine and gripping your kindle trying not to yell at her to just give them what they both want.

As much as I love all that sexual tension, I also have to have some depth to my romance books and boy did I get it! Emotions were tugging at my heart more than once when the secrets and the pasts started pouring out from these two characters. Donovan had everything I loved all wrapped up between that sexy cover!

“No more rules. No more games. You are mine.”

If you haven’t read the Face-Off series yet, then you really need to! I have felt a connection with every character in each book and Jillian brings them with her every time she writes a new one. It’s one of my favorite things about her writing since I get so attached to all of them. Make sure to check out Parker, Kane, and Donovan! Plus there’s even more to come :)!

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