Our Story; The Way We Met.

Our meeting is boring, but our ongoing story is incredible.

Spring of 2012.


It’s simple; Meeting through mutual friends. I know right, the least bit romantic coming from me a total romance junkie! But it’s more of the how you fell in love part that is the most important.

After meeting on a night filled with friends and drinks and AJ trying to flirt with me by showing me card tricks (rolling my eyes, the booze was defiantly flowing.) Any chance of hanging out was thrown out the window. AJ was still living up in Saginaw with his college buddies at this point, so here comes the true importance of technology.


Late night texts, random mid-day jokes, it started out as a friendship (Which number one relationship advice, find your best friend!) until AJ came home for a weekend and we decided maybe it was time to hang out one-on-one.

Now let me just say I am a TOTAL over-thinker, I’m completely chill about it when we are planning everything out. Like ok, I can handle hanging out with some food and watching Red Wings hockey (it was almost play-off time). Well when it came time for it, I totally flaked and got so nervous and made up a lame excuse for that night. So scratch that meeting.


Yes, I know.

But I redeemed myself the next day, and it turned out to be movies in the middle of the afternoon before AJ left to go back to Saginaw (thank goodness, right? Almost missed my chance!)

Well, I’m not the only nervous one, because movies turned out to be tension filled, high school type feelings. I don’t care what anyone says, movies as your first date are the scariest. You can’t really talk, you have no idea what the other is thinking about, it’s totally butterfly’s in your stomach filled.


Is he going to hold my hand?

Is he an arm over the shoulder type? PLEASE be a no.

Why isn’t he reaching for my hand!?

Yep! I left with only a hug goodbye, and an unsure feeling but also feeling triumphant that I dragged him to a Nicholas Sparks movie, so at least I had that over him ;).

Girl power!


That was five years ago, and long gone are the nervous should I, or shouldn’t I’s.

But the flutter’s in my stomach, and the shaky how did I end up with him feeling’s are still there and stronger than ever.

I guess that’s good though right, since I’m marrying him ;).



19 thoughts on “Our Story; The Way We Met.

  1. So sweet. My ex wore a baseball cap all the time and I told him to stop bc it was making his hair recede. Now I don’t know if he does anymore since he disappeared off the face of the earth.
    You guys look so happy. I hope to find that someday. 😊

    1. That’s so funny because I tell him that all the time 😂😂😂 I hope he doesn’t go bald when we are older lol! Thank you so much! Don’t worry you will, it always happens unexpectedly girl!😊

    1. Thank you so much!! Yes, it really is. All the little silly details really do mean the most. I have only been able to get him to watch that one time and I’m sure it’s because he would have done anything I wanted since it was the first date 😂😂

    1. I know!! He loves hats and is always wearing them. Hopefully he doesn’t go bald 😂😂. Thank goodness for engagement pictures he won’t be wearing one 😊😊!

  2. Loved reading this Amanda! And it’s funny because I’ve always gone to the movies for my first dates haha Except for my current bf, but our second one was a movie 😛

    1. Thanks so much! I know, movies are such an easy date but I swear they are nerve wracking! Maybe because we only had a little bit to hangout and couldn’t do anything before or after the movie 😂.

  3.  “Which number one relationship advice, find your best friend!” – this! I have a friend who has never had a proper relationship and is desperate for one, but she just does not understand this bit of advise. She tells me I live in a fantasy world for thinking it!!! 😁

    1. Yesss! Defiantly not a fantasy lol, it’s the best thing ever! It’s makes everything more fun too 😊. You sound like a hopeless romantic just like I am and there’s nothing wrong with that💕

  4. Ahhhh this is so freaking cute Amanda!! And can I just say how freaking adorable you guys are?! Think of the beautiful future babies! *If you are planning to have kids of course*

    I met my husband in high school. My last name was Bo… and his was Br… so his locker was always next to mine and he always sat behind me in class. We were friends from Sophomore year on, but nothing become of it until the summer before our junior year when he mustered up the courage to call me and ask me out ((lots of alcohol was needed lol)) and we’ve been together ever since. 13 years later and he is still my best friend and makes me laugh every day!

    1. Awe thank you love! Yes defiantly babies!!😉😊. Oh my gosh, your story is SO sweet! I love high school sweethearts, my parents were high school sweethearts also, my mom was only 19 when they got married and it will be 27 years this year! Funny because I knew “of” AJ in high school but he was older than me and I didn’t stand a chance! So funny how things work out later in life 😊

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