See Me.

I need him to see me. I mean really see me. Not the girl I hide behind. Not the curly long hair or the contoured face or even sometimes my body. 

I need him to see the girl who used to cry herself to sleep every night, sometimes over nothing, other times, over everything.

I need him to see the girl who cringes every time a voice is raised, reminding her of only past memories.

I was a mess of a girl when I first met him. Now I am even more a mess of a woman.

I need him to see me, to accept me, flaws and all. Lord knows I sure have a lot of them.

I’m needy.

I need reassurance every day that he’s not going to leave me.

Even though I put up a fight just to see if he cares.

I need hugs and constant I love you’s. 

I’m a chronic over-thinker. Always wanting to know what’s on his mind.

I need texts and calls so I don’t worry myself to death wondering if something happened while he only just went out to get our dinner.

I need so much more than any normal girl.

Because there’s so much more to me.

It’s the price you pay for loving someone with anxiety. 

I need him to see that I’m worth it.

I need him to see me.

For all of the girls who just need to be seen, who need to be loved, anxiety and all. I see you.


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