Update; Wedding Diaries.


Isn’t it weird to have a soul mate in this life? I used to think you could only find one in your dreams or through the pages of romance novels because I sure as hell never thought I would have one.

But here I am, 23 years old with a soul mate. How do I know? Is it even possible? 

Man it’s hard to explain, but this mans heart was literally made for me.

I just know it.

I guess I could just say, I didn’t know I loved anything in particular about someone until I met him. When I describe what I love, I’m describing him, his soul, his heart.

Everything that makes up the person he is.

That’s how I know.


We are under 500 days!

I know that still seems like a long time and it is but I went from almost 600 down to under 500, so I’m a little ecstatic!

After this Summer is over, time is going to fly by because we will be to a year before it!

By the way, have you guys ever heard of the Penny Dates!? That’s what’s featured in the above picture. I used pennies to represent the dates of special moments in mine and AJ’s relationship. I decided to put it in a picture frame, it makes a super cute décor piece if anyone is interested in doing it :).

So I’m sure you’re all wondering, did you go dress shopping yet? Did you take engagement pictures yet?

My answer is going to be so boring, because it’s a no to all!

The only other thing I have done is book my engagement sessions. Yes I said sessions because I am splitting them up into two seasons, it’s going to be super fun.

The first session will be on July 7th, it’s going to be like a downtown dressy feel since I adore my downtown area with all the water and old brick buildings!

The second session will be September 9th, my photographer actually lives on a farm so we are going to go out to her farm for a more casual photo op in fields and with pretty barns. I’m super excited for it!

So don’t worry, it’s all coming soon! I plan on going dress shopping for myself and my bridesmaids in November, if we can all last that long because I’ll tell ya what, I am itching to try on some pretty white dresses!

Pinterest has become evil, making me want so much and making so much work for me because I literally want to make or buy every single wedding related item I see on there.


It’s awful.

That’s all I have for now loves! I’ll send you off with a picture from Easter. I can’t believe in two weeks it will be five years since I’ve been with AJ!

How have I made it this long? It’s got to be those baby blues ;).



9 thoughts on “Update; Wedding Diaries.

    1. Yes they are! Oh I know, It already feels like it’s flying by so I can only imagine what it will feel like once it starts getting under a year! Thanks for stopping by :).

  1. Yay! Thanks for the update. I adore that penny date idea 🙂 Super cute! And yes, pinterest is a black hole when you are planning a wedding. Pinterest had just become a thing when I was planning my wedding and my Mom finally had to put her foot down and make me step away from it. She was tired of the DIY projects lol

    1. Thank you, I know I love the penny dates! Oh my gosh, Pinterest is awful lol. I haven’t started DIYing yet but I know I want to make some centerpieces, so I can only imagine that my mom will be the same way. Or she will be like “Stop, because I’m not crafty enough to help!” lol. I’m excited though :).

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