Razing Grace (Part 1 & 2)

“Take my soul, I don’t want it back now.”


I was light, and I was pure. Until I wasn’t..

I’m Millie Hart, and for as long as I can remember, I’ve dedicated my life to my Catholic faith. It was a part of me every step of the way. So when I decided to join a nunnery, no one in my family was surprised. I’m not sure at what point my life changed or where it went extremely wrong. My nightmares are becoming realities as my world starts to slowly tremble under the ground I’m presently shackled to. I was taken. Everything I thought I knew was about to rain down on me in drops of lies, deceit, and undiluted evil.

I’m more machine than man. I’m the alpha and the omega of The Army, and the leader of The 6 masked huntsmen. I live and bleed this life. The arms that raised me weren’t carrying love— they were carrying knives and AKs. I’m agent 000, the executioner, and the damn devil who walks in the flesh. No one can break through my hard shell— not even her.

4/5 Stars!

When I first started reading part one of Razing Grace, my first thoughts were “uh oh what did I get myself into.”  It was dark, a lot darker than I expected it to be and I didn’t know if I could get through it all but then I started to warm up to all the characters and I couldn’t put it down.

Millie Hart is the definition of innocence, and she finds herself in a disturbing and horrifying nightmare after she is kidnapped. Not sure what is happening, she finds herself doing the only thing that will help her survive all of it, turning her feelings completely off and blending in with the darkness. In a place full of deadly and dangerous men, Millie finds comfort in the man in the silver mask. As Millie makes her way out of the dungeon, she finds herself in the presence of Raze once again, but she never could have guessed how dangerous he really is.

“The thing about dragging someone through hell? Is they pick up a few tricks along the way.”

After reading The Silver Swan, I knew I needed to read more from Amo Jones! Her writing is spectacular, she was feeding my inner dark book spree and I wasn’t surprised that I loved both parts of Razing Grace! The first book is really getting to know all the characters and the lifestyles. The dark and dangerous world they were surrounded by was fascinating but also made your stomach a bit queasy at times.

Millie is full of surprises, she goes from being this innocent nun to completely changing in the blink of an eye. I liked that Millie kept some of her innocence, but she had a crazy side that kept you laughing throughout both books. When Millie let loose, she was a fire you couldn’t put out and I absolutely loved it! Her wit and her foul mouth were a force to be reckon with.

Raze was a deadly machine. I’ve never been so intimated by a character before, but Raze scared the shit out of me at times. Hard as stone and tough as freaking nails, he is one man I wouldn’t want to get on the bad side of. But I’ll be damned if he isn’t sexy as hell! Raze would rip the insides out of any man who crossed him (literally) but then in the next second his face and touch would completely soften as soon as he locked eyes with Millie. I loved their relationship, they were just what each other needed.

“Love, though? Love is something I’m not familiar with. But whatever I feel for Millie, that shit is untouchable, and I don’t even think it’s love. I don’t think the word love could even scratch the surface of what I feel for her.”

SURPRISE though, my favorite character was Miles, Raze’s right hand man and the most adorable guy in the world! Miles and Millie cracked me up, they totally made both parts of these books so much more enjoyable. The banter back and forth between them was just great. Miles was just as deadly as Raze though, and I loved it!

The characters are what really make these books, because most of the situations that happen are just bat shit crazy! Part one is super intense and dark and my mouth dropped open more than a couple of times. Part two is where the character connection really came in though, I found myself getting attached and there’s nothing better when you get attached to characters, even if they are psycho! Part two defiantly had all the feels, and I felt my heart strings pulling tight on more than one occasion.

“Until forever ends.”
“And when forever ends, I’ll continue to love you.”

Razing Grace is unexpected, deadly and twisted. If you can get through the first part then I promise you that you will enjoy the rest of it all! Like I said, it’s the characters that did it for me and I couldn’t leave them hanging! Check it out, I really enjoyed Millie and Raze’s story and of course Miles! The tag along :).

Razing Grace (Part one)

Razing Grace (Part two)


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