What About Her (The Bluff Harbor Series; Book 1)



It’s been six months since Willow left Kate Bergman’s college dorm room to go for an evening run…and never came back.

Everybody else who loved Willow is ready for closure, but something deep inside Kate says that her dearest childhood friend is somehow still alive. And that obstinate conviction is alienating all the people Kate loves most.

Even River McEwan is upset with her, and that’s the deepest blow of all. River was Willow’s boyfriend, but the three of them—Kate, Willow, and River—have been friends since childhood.

When a professor assigns Kate and River to be partners in a joint research project, Kate hopes it’s a chance to tear down the barrier between them, but instead faces an even bigger challenge. As she and River meet over the school project, their renewed friendship flares into something more.

Soon River is enticing Kate to do things she’s never dreamed of. But while she can’t imagine giving up River, Kate doesn’t know whether she can—or even should—stop wondering whether Willow will ever come home.

3/5 Stars!

**Thanks so much to the author for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review!**

Friends to lovers with a mysterious twist!

Kate Bergman is trying her hardest to move on with her life after her best friend Willow vanished while going for an evening run. Everyone around Kate is accepting that Willow is probably never coming back but Kate just can’t wrap her head around it and something inside keeps telling her that Willow is still alive. With the help from friends and family, Kate finds herself opening back up and starting to enjoy life again. But when her long time best friend River McEwan comes back into the picture, she wonders if she is doing the right thing.

What About Her was a quick, enjoyable debut novel. I loved the mystery that flowed around Willow’s disappearance and honestly I think that’s the big fact that kept me reading until the end. I’m an investigative junkie so a big part of me just needed to know what happened. Did she run away? Was she taken? Was she killed? I wanted answers, even though I had a million conclusions running around in my mind.

A big factor of this story though was Kate and River. They’ve known each other since they were in kindergaten when River would chase Kate around the playground to try to get that childish kiss. It was always the two of them, until Willow came into the picture and then it became three. Willow got the boy though, for about a year until she disappeared her and River were dating. Like many other friends I know though, Kate had always had a crush on River but never did anything about it until they reconnected after the disappearance.

Being a main character, I thought Kate was a bit stiff but the only thing that helped with it all was her sister who was totally adorable and the complete opposite. Another thing that was a bit off with this book for me was the feel of it. The characters are all in their twenty’s, but I got a high school vibe with the drama and the details of it all. It didn’t feel like a college setting to me besides the few parties and bars they attended.

Besides a few faults, I thought What About Her was enjoyable and I do have to say the ending has me hooked and will have me reading the next book! It’s a cliff hanger and gives a huge clue away about Willow that will have you aggravated but excited all at the same time. If you’re looking for a short, contemporary romance with a hint of a mystery then you should check out Emma Tharps debut novel!

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4 thoughts on “What About Her (The Bluff Harbor Series; Book 1)

  1. Omg yes!!!! I got so many high school feels reading this and not in a good way 😅😅😅. I only gave it 3.5 stars cause it really left me looking forward to what happens next, which must mean the book did something right… but yes! All I was thinking when reading this was “stiff” I had to keep myself from just writing that over and over again in my review.

    1. I know I couldn’t wait for what was going to happen with the mystery part but I couldn’t get over the high school vibe and stiffness of Kate so that’s what my rating had a lot to do with!

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