Wedding Diaries; Update (maybe a little ranting).

Happy Wednesday!

I am on a roll with this wedding planning! Who knew I would be so good at it ;). Really though, it’s been so fun so far and I’m really enjoying it. Here’s what I have accomplished so far (special thanks to my wedding planning book!)


  • Date is set; September 8th, 2018!
  • Venue is done! Ceremony and Reception will be outdoors at a country club. Courtyard ceremony and tent reception which I am seriously so giddy about, I can’t even take it!
  • Photographer is booked! Engagment pictures will be done this Summer! I really like my photographer, she is so sweet and I think she will fit right in with what style I am looking for.
  • DJ is booked! They are awesome, so I know it’s going to be a great party once the music starts!

I know right, I have a ton of crap done for it being over a year away but I wanted to make sure I got everything I wanted within a fair price which worked out so good because I got all the new year deals that everyone had. So GO AJ for picking the perfect time to ask me :).

I think my biggest headache right now is the dang guest list! We both have big families, even just immediate family is big so it’s stressful. PLUS so many other friends I know have gotten engaged this year and I am like freaking out that they are going to have their wedding on the same weekend as mine (I’m a little nuts) lol. I am like the queen of anxiety, so let’s all say a prayer that I don’t end up being a bridezilla by the end of this!


On a happier note though, my Matron Of Honor and Bridesmaids all said YES!

  • Matron Of Honor; Marissa Thompson (Sister-in-law)
  • Bridesmaid; Alexi Zawicki (Friend)
  • Bridesmaids; Jenny & Courtney Macomber (Friends)
  • Bridesmaid; Morgan Thompson (Cousin
  • Bridesmaids; Riley & Bailey Thompsn (Cousins)

(Some photos below from their social media’s!)


AJ is in the process of asking his guys right now. He has three cards out in the mail, and on Friday he is hanging out with two of the groomsmen and the best man so he will ask them then. Look how cute his cards turned out that we ordered!


It’s really starting to sink in now, and I have so many decor ideas. A lot of them have to do with wine bottles, so I have friends helping me out so I have lots of bottles to decorate ;)!

Thanks for stopping by today! I’ll have more for you soon, especially when I start going spray paint crazy with decor pieces!


18 thoughts on “Wedding Diaries; Update (maybe a little ranting).

  1. How exciting! I have booked my venue and got my dress and that’s about it! haha! My wedding is set for next March and I decided I didn’t want to do anything too far in advance because I have so much time. But you have a ton more time than me and you’re so ahead of the game. Good job!

    1. Awe, so excited for you! I probably won’t start dress shopping for a while but I wanted to get the high priority things all booked up since I already knew what I wanted when it came to those categories! It’s a huge weight lifted lol, I’m glad I don’t have to worry about it anymore.

  2. You sound so organized! I know some people who wanted to married this summer who JUST found a venue. I was trying to politely mind my own business, but was worried for a while they waited so long they’d have to push back the wedding, or otherwise settle for not the type of venue they really wanted.

    1. I know, that’s why I tried to get the important things as early as possible! I know how quick they can go. I was a bridesmaid once for my friend and I remember her being so stressed out the whole time she was planning because a lot of what she wanted was already booked!

  3. You are SO organised! I didn’t know there even existed a wedding planning book! Booking a venue as soon as possible is the most important thing. It seems a long time a year in advance but those places go fast! I hope you’ll have a nice sunny day on September 8! I can’t believe you still haven’t gone dress shopping, that was the second thing I did!

    1. Thanks Inge! Yes this wedding planner is what is keeping me sane! I am so thankful for it and all the ideas it gives you :). I am trying as hard as I can to wait just a bit longer until I wedding dress shop! Trust me, I’ve been looking online and printing and pinning the crap out of styles I like but I wanted to wait a until at least a year until the wedding until we all start looking for our dresses and tux’s!

  4. I know what you mean about going crazy with spray paint! I have to keep reeling my DIY ideas in so they don’t take over my life! I love those groomsman cards though (fiance doesn’t see the point in a card I’m trying to convince him otherwise)

    1. I know, I haven’t really started doing any decor yet because I’m still iffy on what I want and it’s still far away but I’m sure when I do, I’ll be going crazy! Oh, mine didn’t think they were necessary either but he thought these ones were cool since they look like little tuxedos!

  5. Yay! The more you accomplish now the less stressful it will be later. The guest list is always the hardest part of a wedding. You want to invite everyone, but it most situations you just can’t. It can really be hard deciding who makes the list and who gets the cut. Good luck!

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