ARC Review; Parker by Jillian Quinn.

“Tonight I make the rules, and you follow them, got it?” 



Former collegiate athlete and successful sports agent, Charlotte “Coach” Coachman, is a straight shooter who has a very strict policy—no dating clients. The loves of her life are coaching little league basketball and managing the careers of her players, leaving no room for men.

Coach hasn’t met an athlete she couldn’t handle and a deal she couldn’t close—until she meets Alex Parker—the NHL’s most notorious bad boy both on and off the ice.

Alex is the best defenseman in the league, breaking records along with hearts. He’s made a name for himself as a womanizer, and after a scandal involving the owner’s granddaughter, Alex is traded to Philadelphia. Still reeling from the loss of his father, Alex is on a downward spiral, drowning himself in booze and women, until Coach takes him under her wing.

She might be attracted to the sexy hockey star, and certainly not immune to his charms, but Coach can see that Alex needs her help, and coaching players is what she does best. Now that the lines are blurred and the passion between them is too strong to deny, Coach has to decide if Alex is worth making an exception to her rules.

5/5 Stars!

**Thank you so much to Jill for giving me an ARC of Parker in exchange for an honest review!**

Hockey and romance, two words that are perfect for each eachother. Parker by Jillian Quinn is proof of that!

Alex Parker is about one scandal away from losing everything he worked so hard to get. The best defensman in hockey with the cocky attitude to match. Charlotte Coachman is no stranger to pulling her clients shit together so it’s no surprise when she takes Alex under her wing. Coach lives a scheduled life with a sturdy set of rules and Alex is a typical womanizer who can’t let go of the bottle. Or so Coach thinks, she will soon learn though that there are many different sides to a story and to a person.

“I saw something broken inside him that I could relate to, and I wanted to be the one to piece him back together.”

I am blown away by how much I loved Parker, the passion and the writing were spectacular. I am the type of person who gets attached to characters, you go through these pages with them and you really feel like you know them. That’s how I felt while I was reading Parker, I connected with Alex and Charlotte so much and I really felt like I knew them. That takes a whole other skill level to bring that type of feeling into a book, so thumbs up Jill, you rock!

There’s nothing I love more than a strong female character, and it’s tough to find one in a book. I am happy to say that Charlotte “Coach” was everything a female character should be. Coach is feisty and she is rocking it being a number one sports agent in Philadelphia, she’s just bad ass. She had a very rough start in life but it makes her that much more likable. When you start getting more bits and pieces of her true self, you really respect her. Trust me when I say, you will want to stuff your face with hoagie’s and beer and hang out with Coach after reading this book.

“I’m Coach, deal closer and miracle worker to the athletically gifted, yet when Alex’s bicep brushes up against my skin, the heat spreads from my cheeks to my chest, his touch making my toes curl, and my entire body tenses up in nervous anticipation.”

I also love cocky, hot, hockey players (who doesn’t!?) and WOW is Alex Parker the definition of one of those. Alex is a hot mess of a character with a problem with whiskey and women, he can’t get off of.  He is totally lost from losing his father six months ago, so really you can’t blame the guy. I mean who wouldn’t be a mess? I think the reason I liked Alex so much is because of how honest he is, he knows his pain and he knows what he wants and he also has one of the biggest hearts. He’s really a sweetheart and he will probably be your new book boyfriend.

“Hockey and sex, my two favorite things, and now, Charlotte just called out a penalty, as if we were in the middle of our own game.”

As if I can’t rave about this book enough, you bring sexual tension into the mix and it just becomes that much better. The tension between Alex and Coach was OFF THE CHARTS! I just kept waiting and waiting for one of them to make a move or to take it further, I mean it was torture. It’s worth the wait though because this book is so steamy, you will love it!

I would recommend this book to anyone because not only is it a sports romance, but it’s also very deep and meaningful. It’s hard not to connect with Parker and to connect with the characters, and not just the main ones but also all the others as well. Parker is inspiring and truthful and will also have you fanning yourself like crazy from time to time. It’s defiantly a new series you won’t want to miss!

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19 thoughts on “ARC Review; Parker by Jillian Quinn.

  1. OMG! Your review is so awsome! Wow! I just love it. Is it weird that I read the quotes and thought oh, those are good and was like oh, wait you wrote them, silly. Haha! I love that you were able to connect with the characters so much. I didn’t want it to be your typical hockey romance. Thanks so much, girl! 🙂 ❤

    1. Awe so happy you liked it!! I had such a hard time picking out quotes, I love so many. I think I changed some like a million times to get it perfect lol. I loved Parker!! I can’t wait for more in this series 😊💕

      1. You picked perfect quotes. ❤ Haha! Parker is so cute after Charlotte gets a hold of him. 😍 You will love Kane’s book. OMG I laugh so hard writing scenes for that book. The opening chapter is hilarious 🤣

      2. Oh my gosh, the things he would say to her literally melted my heart! Yayyy!! I’m so happy Kane has a book, he seems like a crazy one too. Can’t wait to see who he matches up with!

      3. Oh, I know. I think I was more in love with Jamie when I wrote the book. Jamie’s book is about him being the man of honor 🤣 so you know that will be hilarious, and it’s also a super sexy office romance with lots of computer humor since he’s a programmer. 🙂 He’ll need a date for the big day so that adventure and helping with the planning will be fun. I can’t wait to write it. The book is already in my head and I make sex jokes about hard drives in my notebooks. lol I swear I write books to entertain myself. 🤣

      4. YESSS! The fact that we get to read about the wedding makes me super duper happy! Awe, I can already tell I will fall in love with Jamie. I love geeky hot guys :). lol I can’t even wait!

  2. Brilliant review and I’m so happy to see that Jill just keeps on delivering on the fantastic females and tension filled scenes. I didn’t think I was going to read this, but now I think I will… gotta get my occasional romance fix some time, so Jill’s writing is bound to deliver! 🙂

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