Marry Your Best Friend.

They are like the sweatpants of your life.

They make you laugh until your stomach hurts.

They tickle you until you cry out from smiling so much.

They listen to you complain about work and your friendships.

They hold you when your world feels like it’s falling apart. 

They calm you down with one look or a simple touch.

They never judge.

They drive you crazy and frustrate you like no one else.

Fighting is always heated but always fair.

Comfortable silences are a must.

Inside jokes with them make your heart happy.

They believe in you even if you don’t believe in yourself.

They bring you food when you’re having a bad day because it makes everything better. 

They forgive, always.

They are respectful and committed.

They sing in the car with you.

They are a constant and weekends feel like sleepovers. 

One hug could change your whole mood.

They are your soul mate, because how else would you describe someone that makes you feel the way they make you feel.

It’s incredibly important to be with your best friend because when the going gets tough, you need to know they will always have your back.

You need that reassurance and you need that friendship to fall on. 

It’s the ultimate foundation.

Marry your best friend.


20 thoughts on “Marry Your Best Friend.

  1. Aw I love this. My man and I aren’t married, but we’re celebrating 12 years soon, and he definitely fits into that “comfy sweatpants” category

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