Choosing My Bridesmaid’s.

One thing I’ve realized about getting married, it brings relationships into perspective. One of the first things you think about is, who is going to be in my bridal party? I always thought it would be easy to choose but it took me about a month to figure out who I truly wanted to stand beside me.

Now AJ, he started naming his off like rapid fire. He has had a close group of friends since he was in elementary school and throughout the years it has never faltered. They always keep in touch, from states apart, to miles apart. For me, it was harder. A lot of friendships have dwindled down as I’ve gotten older, our scenes and our interests just changed and it’s perfectly normal.

So I started thinking of who has always been there, even if we don’t talk all the time because life gets in the way. Not who’s super fun, who would be great to party with at the bachelorette party. Just true friends and family who I can count on to help me because that’s what I really need. I came up with seven wonderful ladies for the bridal party! (You will get to meet in a later post.)

Now choosing is by far the hardest part but then next comes how am I going to ask!? I thought about this forever too, plenty of Pinterest filled hours later I landed on a super cute gift to give to each of my bridesmaids and my maid of honor. And now I am totally obsessed with scrolling through Etsy daily! Here’s a sneak peek before I send them off and ask the big question! :). (Wine tumblers are from Etsy. GlitterBooze is the sight!)


They each get a mini wine tumbler (like a mini wine sippie cup!), pink moscato bottle, nail polish for the big day and hand written notes! My colors are navy blue and champagne so I did sort of a navy blue and gold themed packaging, simple and easy!

If you think mine is cute, wait until you see AJ’s! He hasn’t asked anyone yet because he is a procrastinator and hasn’t even ordered them. We thought this would be an easy way for him since a couple of his groomsmen live a state away or a couple hours away. Once again, Etsy freaking rocks!


Isn’t this awesome!? A little tuxedo card, and it’s in our colors. CallMeCraftie makes these ones. I can’t wait to see them in person!

Check back for more later! Thanks for stopping by Wedding Diaries :).




18 thoughts on “Choosing My Bridesmaid’s.

  1. I’m excited for you, Amanda! Good luck with the preparations and everything! Planning a wedding can be overwhelming and stressful but it’s really fun and exciting too! πŸ˜€

  2. Those cups are SO cute! This is giving me ideas haha I am nowhere near getting married (I would need a boyfriend for that haha) but I’m so curious about what goes into a wedding. I’ve only ever been to one and I was 12. My family has only ever had no children weddings (and being the youngest of the bunch means I’m excluded) so I am very much excited to read your blog posts! πŸ˜€

    1. There is SO much that goes into it and I had no idea. I feel a little overwhelmed. Every time I get something booked or planned, I’m like oh but I have this and that to do lol. It’s crazy! Thanks so much! I’ll try to keep this section as updated as I can with all the cute DIY stuff and adventures!

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