Vicious (Sinners of Saint, #1)

“Ask me..what do I want?”




They say love and hate are the same feelings experienced under different circumstances, and it’s true.
The man who comes to me in my dreams also haunts me in my nightmares.
He is a brilliant lawyer.
A skilled criminal.
A beautiful liar.
A bully and a savior, a monster and a lover.
Ten years ago, he made me run away from the small town where we lived. Now, he came for me in New York, and he isn’t leaving until he takes me with him.


She is a starving artist.
Pretty and evasive like cherry blossom.
Ten years ago, she barged into my life unannounced and turned everything upside down.
She paid the price.
Emilia LeBlanc is completely off-limits, my best friend’s ex-girlfriend. The woman who knows my darkest secret, and the daughter of the cheap Help we hired to take care of our estate.
That should deter me from chasing her, but it doesn’t.
So she hates me. Big fucking deal.
She better get used to me.

5/5 Stars!

The chemistry, the revenge, the angst, the SEXINESS! I am completely infactuated with this book. Baron “Vicious” Spencer is my new book boyfriend, Vicious is delicious. I have never wanted to drop kick and throw myself at a character every two seconds but that’s Vicious for you, and holy cow are you in for a surprise when it comes to this one!

“He was light in a dark fog. But I knew better than everyone how bad the gorgeous flames in him could burn.”

Emilia LeBlanc could never forget the one person who made her life a living hell. He was infuriating, rude, pretty much a straight up bully but it never stopped her from having feelings for him even though he drove her away from everything she loved all those years ago. Now it’s ten years later, and in one night Vicious is back in her life. Hotter than ever now that he is grown, but just as bossy and skilled. This time though Emilia wants to call the shots, no strings attached, protecting her heart.

The best part about this book was the characters, I loved everything about all of them. Emilia and Vicious though, they were amazing. Their relationship was off the charts, it’s exactly what I love in an enemies to lovers romance. The sweet, charming girl from the south meets the cocky, asshole, bad boy. It creates chemistry that is undeniably hot which makes me devour the hell out of the book!

“Apologize for not being mine when you should’ve been. Because Emilia, baby…” I tilted my head sideways. “It was always fucking us and you know it.”

Emilia (Millie) was everything I wanted her to be. She was adorably sweet and always looked for the good in everyone. She was an artist, a painter and she was so inspiring. I really felt for Millie, she had a tough life. After making it in New York, graduating from art school and even getting a job in her field, it was like her luck was finally on her side. Until her sister moves in with her and gets really sick, causing Millie to take a step back from her art and try to support both of them on her own. Emilia is what every heorine should be, strong, smart, sweet and loving.

And then we have Vicious, who is the COMPLETE opposite of Emilia. Vicious is a jerk, fair and square and he knows it and owns it. Coming from a very wealthy family, Vicious and his high school “Hot Holes” create a very successful business together. Vicious has everything going for him, and he is finally going to get what he has always wanted the most. Revenge and maybe Emilia LeBlanc in the process. Learning Vicious’s secrets and dark past was fascinating and heartbreaking at the same time. I really loved his character, he gives you all the feels.

“Vicious was vicious. It was too bad that my hate for him was dipped in a thin shell of something that felt like love.”

This story was so well written, it was intriguing and brilliant and full of revenge and lust. I don’t have one thing to complain about when I think about Vicious. It really has it all and so much more when it comes to romance. The relationship, the story line, even the sex scenes are to die for. Everything about Vicious was just done right! It’s a story you need to get your hands on and I HIGHLY recommend it!

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15 thoughts on “Vicious (Sinners of Saint, #1)

    1. Oh yay! It’s so good. Vicious is a character you love and hate all at the same time, he really is great and so is the story! I hope you enjoy it like I did if you get a chance to read it :).

  1. Yes! This book is so amazing! I’m so glad you read it. 🙂 Vicious was OMG bend me over your desk hot! 😱😍 Five alarm fire throw me in the shower hot. I was hooked from the first page with his attitude. It was so addicting. I need more. Like right now. Defy comes out February 3rd. I already know what I’ll be doing that day. 🙂 I wish it was a full length novel and not a novella. Awesome review, girl! 🙂

    1. Oh I know, his filthy mouth is so HOT! I’m so excited for Defy! I wish it was long one too :(. I wonder which one will be the next full length novel in the series, I’m super curious! I also want to know who Defy is about, I know who I hope it will be about! Thanks girl!

      1. I think the second full length novel is called Ruckus. I’m dying to read Defy. I’m so glad we don’t have much longer to wait. Defy is about Jaime and the teacher he had a kid with in Vicious. It’s their prequel story of how they got together. Since they’re already married and have kids in Vicious, we’re probably only getting their prequel and then the full novels for the the other two guys.

      2. Ah yes! I want to know more about that relationship so I’m super excited now. I’m more intrigued how it all played out since they are married with kids in Vicious! I hope Ruckus is about Dean! I think I’ll like his fun player vibe attitude in his own novel 🙂

  2. Yeah, I officially need to read this. I didn’t even know about this book until Jill put Vicious on her book boyfriends list and now your review has sealed the deal. I’m gonna add this to my TBR for this year. Great review, Amanda! 😊♥

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