You Can’t Make Him Want You.

You tried didn’t you?

Maybe you fixed your hair up, put a little extra mascara on and a little more plump to your lips.

Did you buy a new dress, or torture yourself with a wax?

In a random conversation you learned he loved smart women, so maybe you read a few new books.

In addition though, he also likes adventure in more ways than one so you bought the new Cosmo that specialized in spicing up your relationship.

He likes this and that and wants that and this.

You stop doing girls night because he doesn’t like a girl who parties more than he does.

And date nights? He’s too busy and tired so he would rather stay in.

Promise after promise is broken.

You start to feel like what you always said you would never be,Β aΒ doormat.

So guess what?

You can only try so hard.

Someone like that will drain you until you feel nothing but damaged.

He only makes you smile sometimes.

He only makes you feel pretty on occasion.

He only wants to see you on his time.

Your heart will feel like it’s being ripped apart, but you need to let it go.

You will thank that SOB when you find someone who is everything that he is not.

You can’t make him your home.

You can’t make him want you.


16 thoughts on “You Can’t Make Him Want You.

  1. So true. Tbh, he really doesn’t deserve you either! I know it sounds clichΓ© but it’s true. If they don’t make you feel good, then they’re not the right person for you, no matter if it’s your relatives, friends, or a person you’re in love with.

    1. I know right πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ it’s not even towards my life either lol it just came out! So true though, I hate when girls will do anything for the ones who won’t ever want them. Irritates me!

      1. Right? I also can’t stand that. I am not the type to mope around over a guy. I was with my ex fiancΓ© for 6 years and decided I was done and moving to Florida within a month. And here I am… and happier than ever. πŸ™‚ I am most definitely not the kind of girl who dwells. Gotta keep moving on! Love the advice! I wish all young girls had that kind of advice from someone.

      2. I’m not like that either, I mean I’ve been in a serious relationship for years but with ex’s I just couldn’t stand to be their doormat whenever they decided they wanted you. I agree though, it’s defiantly more high school or fresh in college girls that will have the worst of it! Thank you though, I’m glad you liked it πŸ™‚

  2. Beautiful Amanda! This breaks my heart because I have so many friends who have experienced this first hand. I lucked out and married my high school sweetheart, so I never had to kiss any frogs before finding my prince πŸ™‚

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