To The Hopeless Romantic’s.

To the hopeless romantic’s,

You were dreaming of your prince charming at the age of eight. You were planning your wedding at the age of twelve. Your colors, your favorite song. Soon you’re a teenager and journals upon journals are filled with your best friends and who would be your maid of honor, your bridesmaides. Where would this all happen, who would it be with?

The biggest question, what would he be like?

Would he take you on picnics under the stars, with the sweet sound of music playing in the background? Would he write you letters that he knows makes you smile more than anything?

Would he buy you flowers and tell you, you’re beautiful every chance he got? Would he take you on long walks and hold your hand while twirling you around?

Would he look at you like you are the only girl in the world that he see’s? Would he pick you up just to drive around for hours, no destination in mind?

Would your favorite love songs remind you of him? Would he kiss you in the rain after an argument?

Would he be the man your daddy hoped you would always find one day?

My words to you are, please don’t ever stop dreaming. The most refreshing thing in this world are the ones who love openly with all their heart and dream of a life that completely takes their breath away. 

You are the ones who get hurt the most, but the best thing? You get right back up with a smile on your face because you believe in love. 

You believe in the magical parts of it. The parts that so many people don’t see, or simply take for granted. 

You believe in smiles and holding hands. You believe in those little playful nudges, those silly jokes that make no sense. Those small moments of tenderness. You believe in the joys of long hugs and the good in everyone you meet. 

Please don’t ever stop hoping, teaching, giving, cherishing, loving. 

Don’t lose your soft heart that forgives easily and is always open to second chances.

This cruel world needs the dreamers, the sweethearts who fall in love with words. The ones who search and search for that perfect quote that explains exactly how they feel. The ones who replay the same song over and over again because it says everything they wish they could. The ones who fall so fast, not regretting a single thing.

Always be a hopeless romantic in life, you are the sweetest type of people. 

Don’t ever stop.

love always,
your biggest supporter 

26 thoughts on “To The Hopeless Romantic’s.

  1. That was super sweet! Yes, you’re right about the dreamers and the joy we find in all the cranky little things we do. Getting back to daydreaming now. Thanks for the sweet encouragement again! 🙂

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