Tay and Luke (Part 3.)

Your wish is my command! Here’s more on Tay and Luke! Catch up, if you haven’t met them yet :).

Meet Tay!

Meet Luke!

She was beautiful.

That’s all I could think as I entered Sally’s Coffee Shop that morning just like every other day. I’ve been racking my brain for the past three days on things to say to Tay that wouldn’t make me sound like a high school boy trying to find his balls. Truth is though, she makes me nervous as hell. I know I probably had no right walking up to her and wanting to know her, I know she has been through enough. She just lost her husband a year ago for christ’s sake. but it didn’t stop my longing to want to take her out, to make her feel alive again, if anything it just fueled it.

That’s why I let about five other people go ahead of me to order their coffee’s and muffins with her. She has her hair tied back in a loose pony tail today and I can’t keep my eyes from looking at her smooth creamy skin. She’s a natural beauty, I wouldn’t call myself a makeup expert but I’ve been with enough girls to know when they cake that shit on and when they don’t. I don’t see a single streak of orange plastered on her beautiful face.

I was next in line and I knew I would have to order or I have a feeling she and everyone else in this place would know something was up or just think I have problems. As I took a step forward though, Lucy Swanson slapped her hands on my biceps and threw everything down the shit hole.

Lucy is what they would call a southern bell I suppose. She is like queen of every ridiculous fair they have in this town, which is a lot (strawberries, peaches, you get the point). She’s like the judgmental, my daddy has more money than anyone in this place type. She also seduced me at Jake’s Tavern a couple weeks ago and hasn’t stopped pinning for me since. And of course she picks now, the moment I am about to try to ask Tay out on a date to flirt with me.


“Hey there, handsome. Mind buying a lady a coffee this morning?” Lucy bates her eyes my way. My annoyance forming inside me is starting to show because I quickly shut her down, I’m not from here so I certainly don’t play that southern charm. “I’m actually in a hurry, I have to start training soon. I just came to grab a quick coffee before I finish up my run.” She of course doesn’t take the hint though, “You know, you should really take a break here and there. Come to Jake’s tonight, I’ll be there waiting” she purres like a fucking kitten into my ear. As awkward as this is now, thankfully she leaves and I have no intention of going to Jake’s to meet her.

I rake my fingers through my hair, now frustrated and ready to walk out of here when the softest giggle comes from the counter. I turn back around to find Tay trying as hard as she can to stifle her laughs which is causing me to stop dead in my tracks. I always knew when I would see her genuine smile and laugh that it would stir something inside of me, I never expected my heart to pound this fast.

“I can’t believe how upfront she is” Tay says full on laughing now. “I’m so sorry about Lucy, I’m sure that’s the last thing you need while you train here in town.” I smile at her because I can’t help it, she has no idea what I’m even doing here. “Well, funny thing is I came in here today trying to ask you something similar I suppose.” She turns serious now, which is to be expected but I see a flash of something else in her eyes, relief maybe? I’m not sure but there’s something hopeful there.

“Oh really now? And what makes you think I might say yes to this something similar, Mr. Hunt?” This time it’s my turn to laugh, she’s pretty damn cute. I lean in close to her and whisper, “Well Tay, it’s simple really, you need someone to make you feel alive again and I sure as hell need to see your smile more. So to me, it’s really a win, win situation for the both of us.” She’s looking at me like I just spat out some Japanese language she has never heard in her life. All that matters though, is I can hear her heart beating as fast as mine.

“Hmmm, well what would this outing consist of?” She whispers back, “Well first of all, it wouldn’t be an outing it would be a date and second I thought of two things. It could be casual, more intimate or both. Casual would be drinks and appetizers at Jake’s or the more intimate could be a cooked meal and drinks by me at the cottage on the lakeย I’m staying at. Your pick Tay.”

As if she can’t be any cuter, she rubs her hand over her chin as she ponders my proposition and then as if my hands aren’t clammy enough she makes me wait a few more seconds until she finally speaks. “Well, they both sound lovely Luke” she says with amusement dancing in her eyes, but then she gets serious again and we are back to whispering, “But you’re right, I need someone to make me feel alive again so let’s go with option B, tomorrow night, I’ll come by let’s say about seven o’clock?”

I’m silent for a moment because I can’t believe she actually said yes so quickly, I thought it was going to take some effort on my part but like I said, I have a feeling Tay is full of surprises I don’t know about. I clear my throat, trying to hide my surprise and relief at her decision “Well alright then, I will see you tomorrow at seven. Have a good day Tay.” I smile and walk backwards as she smiles and waves at me. she winks and tells me I better cook her something nice.

I have a date with Tay Kennedy, now what the hell am I going to cook?

A date! How fun, will Luke be the dreamy guy we have created in our minds, or will he simply suck at cooking!? ;). I can’t wait to write the perfect or maybe the worst date! lol. Coming soon :).

Thanks for reading, loves!


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      1. I’m hoping so! It helps so much to just type away things and make them into more series and then writing all the in between โ˜บ๏ธ thanks girl!! I love all the support ๐Ÿ’•

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