Tay and Luke (Part 2.)


Good evening bookworms! Here is the little passage from Luke that I promised you yesterday! I hope you enjoy 🙂

If you haven’t read Tay’s little passage yet, then click below to catch up!

Meet Tay!

Pro, that’s all that has been on my mind since I was fifteen years old. I’ve dedicated my life to training day in and day out for baseball, I did everything right. Until I tore my ACL when I was eighteen, that’s what took my full scholarship ride to the pro’s away. My dream, my father’s dream.

I’m twenty five now and I’ve only started in ten pro games, which might be a dream to some but it’s failure to me. Now I’m stuck in this shitty southern town trying to get my head on straight. My trainer owns a cottage by the lake that he is loaning to me for the Summer. I have no shortage of abandoned fields to run and train on everyday. Still I can’t get rid of this uneasy feeling I wake up with every morning, like I’m missing something. 

I see her all the time, I almost find myself walking past the coffee shop where she works  just to see if I can catch a glimpse of her smile. I don’t think too many people here in town like me, well mostly because I don’t even bat one eyelash their way. But she never gives me that feeling.

I couldn’t care less about making friends, it’s not what I’m here for but for some reason every time I see her I find myself making her want to laugh. Or at least just a smile, because I haven’t seen one on her face since I landed here a month ago.

I’ve heard about her of course, this town is like a clan of social butterflies. You walk down the street and you hear every detail about everyones life within that short distance.

She’s a widow at 24, which is what got my attention at first. I couldn’t imagine being married let alone losing that person at our age. It was her high school sweetheart it sounds like. What gutted me though was the reality of what happened. Josh was a navy seal, he had just finished his second tour and he was on his way home to her. I think he was even done for good. He was safe, he was coming back but his plane crashed and he never made it home. 

So yeah, I don’t blame her for not cracking a single smirk at anyone in this place.

She’s beautiful really, long strawberry blonde hair, big brown eyes that scream for comfort. She’s petite and cute and her voice is so soft and sweet with the perfect hint of a southern drawl. She smells like lavender every morning  when I order my cup of coffee, it’s true what they say about lavender. It really is calming. 

I’m supposed to be here to focus but I find myself thinking of her most of the time. How she feels, what she’s like, I just want to know what her days are like. I want to know if there’s a part of her day that makes her feel happy again.

The only thing I can think about when I’m lying awake at night is how I just want one date with her. One date to try to make her feel alive again, one date to make her laugh and smile and want to be here, with me. One date, that’s all.

Every time I work up the courage to even make small talk with her, it crumbles apart. She makes me nervous, which never happens with me. She’s different though, she deserves more than any of my usual conversations with women. She deserves a hell of a lot more than me. 

Something tells me that Tay Kennedy will be the beginning and the end of everything.


10 thoughts on “Tay and Luke (Part 2.)

  1. As soon as I read part one, I had to run right over to part two. I can’t wait to see how this story progresses. I have some plans for a hockey player book at some point. I should try writing it down in short scenes. I think this is a great idea. Shorts give you so much you can work with later on if you want to use the characters in a different book or even start a whole new one. Love this! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. Yesss that’s what helps me! Just writing little short stories or passages here and there. Keeps me thinking of new ideas and it’s super fun! But mostly I’m just procrastinating on actually writing lol 😩 thanks though girl! It means a lot ☺️

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