Tay and Luke (Part 1.)

“Don’t waste your time Tay, he won’t be sticking around.”

That’s all I ever hear, but I’m not one to play by the rules and I know Luke sure as hell doesn’t play by any rules but his own.

It’s time to move forward with my life, if I ever want to have a chance at one again. It’s time to listen to the tingling in my stomach when he looks at me because I’m tired of not feeling alive.

He’s 6’3 with dark curls that pop out from the back of his ball cap. He stays toned and fit from hitting home runs all day on the field and off the field I’m sure. He’s enough to make any woman put on her matching red bra and panties. 

But it’s when he looks at me that stops me dead in my tracks every single time. He has these piercing stormy blue eyes with just a hint of gray that make you feel like they know all your secrets.

Which is terrifying honestly, because I don’t want anyone to know my secrets.

To know why I lie awake at night feeling desperate for something more, for something out of this small town that has me feeling like I can’t breath half the time. I’m tired of waking up everyday feeling trapped. I can’t turn any corner without a memory breaking apart my heart for the thousandth time this year. 

I just want to get lost in him, I don’t even know him but I feel like he knows me and I want someone to know me. Someone I can talk to, someone who will make me feel things I haven’t felt in a long time. Someone who doesn’t know my past, who won’t judge me. I just want someone.

I’m a twenty-four  year old widow for christ’s sake, how does that even happen? Twenty-four and we should have had forever to be together. I ask myself all the time why someone so young with such a bright future could be gone so quickly.

Well it does happen, especially when you marry your high school sweetheart at 19, the only man you have ever loved. The only man you have ever been with.

And then you lose him in the blink of an eye when he’s coming back early to see you after receiving the greatest news ever. That’s how your life gets ripped apart right in front of you.

I need someone to pull me out of this sinking feeling, I need someone to bring me back to life, I need someone to help me save myself. I think I need Luke Hunt.

Hi loves! I have been sucking at blogging this weekend, I’m sorry. I’ve been super sick and working long weekend hours. So I decided to curl up on the couch tonight and write for you all 🙂

 I hope you enjoyed, stay tuned tomorrow night for a little passage from Luke!


12 thoughts on “Tay and Luke (Part 1.)

  1. Luke Hunt sounds like a hottie…I’ve always loved that name lol. Sitting her wondering what happened to her husband though…great writing Amanda! always enjoy reading from you 🙂

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