Just a Few Inches

Amazing YA take on body image issues



All Carrie Roberts wanted was to be a little bit smaller.

To be able to fit into the perfect dress she found for the Valentines Day dance with her boyfriend. Exercising and normal dieting aren’t working so when she see’s an advertisement for a quicker weight loss pill she thinks she has found a solution to her problem.

She never imagined the diet pills would make her lose HEIGHT as well as weight. Will her shrinking ever stop? Or is she destined to be just a few inches tall?

4/5 Stars!

*I received a copy of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review.

“Always looking up.”

Carrie Roberts had it all. She was a senior and a cheerleader dating the star basketball player. She had a great family and great best friends. But as we all know that when we are in high school sometimes that’s just not enough.

Carrie is jealous of another cheerleader Janelle who used to date her boyfriend Todd. Janelle is just a little bit taller than Carrie’s 5’8. She’s a little bit skinner, her boobs are a little bit bigger. So when she went to look for the perfect Valentines day dance dress to impress her boyfriend it didn’t matter to her that the sexy red dress was just a bit too tight. She wanted it anyway, to prove to Janelle mostly that she could fit into it.

We also know how hard losing a couple pounds in a couple days is. You can try eating healthy all you want, or exercising all you want. It’s like when you WANT to lose that weight it’s just impossible and that’s exactly how Carrie felt. She saw an infomercial for an advertisement on a diet supplement and she thought she found her solution. Of course like normal, the supplement wasn’t working right away so she took more than you were supposed to and she fit perfectly into her dress but she also realized she was shrinking.

First of all how scary would that be!? I would freak out! This book is mostly about how Carrie is dealing with shrinking, trying to find a cure. The reason I love this book the most is because all of us girls have felt this way in our teen years and even now I still feel that way sometimes.

Body issues.

Self Esteem.

These are such big subjects and I think this book tells a great story for it.

Carrie’s friends were amazing and I really appreciated them, Trish, Lauren and Evan were so supporitve and my favorite was probably Trish. She was so cute and funny and she was always there for Carrie. Carrie’s parents were also amazing, her mom completely took over everything to try to help her daughter but it was so refreshing seeing her mother come up with every idea possible to try to make her life as normal as she can.

Carrie’s positivity throughout this whole book is what I liked the most. And the fact that she shared her positivity with not only people close to her but with other’s that were having problems too. She would have her break downs as we all would but she never stopped doing what she loved. She never stopped cheerleading, she never stopped going to school or working on the school’s newspaper. She wasn’t letting anything hold her back, she was embarrassed sure but she held her head high. She just accepted what was happening to her and hoped one day she would be back to normal.

This book is so refreshing and the Author did such a great job. It’s unique and different but it’s all the same thing. No matter what issue it is, the point is we have all have issues and we need to stay positive and help each other. Not look down, or belittle anyone or even ourselves. That’s what I loved most about this book was all the positivity from the world, the community, the people.

I would defiantly recommend this! It’s a great YA book. Especially for all my bloggers still in high school, I think it would be perfect for you so give it a read! Or anyone who needs a little boost, I know it made me feel better.


14 thoughts on “Just a Few Inches

  1. That sounds like a really funny way of tackling body image issues 😂 who thought you would become smaller all-around! I love books like this, that not only tell a story, but also transmit a worthy message 😊

  2. I need to read this book, it’s been on my Kindle for some time now! I love that the author managed to convey her message without being judgmental or taking her story down a darker road. It’s nice to see a main character dealing with her self-esteem and confidence with her head held high!

    1. Yes! Carrie is super cute. I love her friend Trish, she was a great character who really brought the lightness into this book. It conveys a message so well without being dark at all. I hope you like it when you get a chance to read it 🙂

  3. I just saw a review for this the other day…it must be popular! I’m glad most people are liking it! Reminds me of an old movie called The Incredible Shrinking Woman. Man, I loved that movie! But the weight issue is a good one: teens (and women of all ages) are very self-conscious about their bodies, and they’ll do anything to achieve what they perceive as perfection. It’s a shame. And a horrible trend in our culture.
    Great review!

    1. It was really good! The story line is so well put together. This author tackles big issues with a light humorous touch but it’s still enough to make an impact on you! You should check it out, I enjoyed it!

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