The Reality of Romance

As much as we love getting lost in the world of book romance and the fairytale life, there’s also nothing like a true committed real life romance.

There are so many views on romance. Do you remember being younger writing in your diaries about everything you wanted in a partner? You would write out all the romance you could think of, all the words you wanted to hear, all the situations you wanted to see yourself in, everything that isn’t ideal for real life.

The reality of life gives you limited time for all of those things you secretly would love out of your relationship. Yes we would love breakfast in bed every morning. Yes we would love fresh flowers from our significant other that we could change out every week. Yes we would love candle lit dinners and dancing in the kitchen to no music. Yes we would love our partner to set out a new outfit they bought you for date night like in all those pictures we see. Yes we would love romantic weekend strolls and get aways.

Instead it’s 5am alarm clocks and grumbles as you each try not to hit snooze 20 times. It’s getting the kids ready and off to school with just a kiss on the cheek to say goodbye. It’s a long day at work with no time to even be able to send out a quick flirty text to each other, and forget about even a simple phone call. It’s coming home to your house a mess, your laundry overflowing and having to get dinner on the table. It’s flopping onto the bed at night not even able to get under the covers, let alone cuddle because you are both so exhausted.

That’s real life. The only real romance we really need is commitment, a helping hand, trust, team work and a best friend that will always stand by you.

Like that small kiss on the cheek to acknowledge each other with your morning hustle and bustle. Or just the sight of seeing them once you get out of work, knowing you’re home. It’s the team work that forms between you two when it comes to helping with dishes and laundry, or your bath time and story time routine with your kids. It’s finally plopping onto the couch with take out, a glass of wine, a bottle of beer and watching your favorite show together. It’s the I love you that passes between the both of you at night after a long day that holds everything you have ever promised to each other in the form of three simple words.

That’s what matters, that’s what’s special, and that is what is REAL. All the rest is just an added bonus.


19 thoughts on “The Reality of Romance

  1. So very true! My husband and I started dating the summer before our senior year of high school, we have been together 12 years now. Our relationship has evolved and matured. Gone are the “honeymoon” days, but I wouldn’t trade this stage to go back. I fall a little more in love with him when he comes through the door after a long day at work, seeing him play with our kids, and when he does thoughtful things like putting gas in my car. It might not seem glamorous, but I wouldn’t have it any other way ❤️

  2. Great post! You hit the nail on the head and it’s important to remind ourselves at times that wanting this fairytale likeness at all times can simply harm a relationship at times because we forget to notice the small things that tell us we’re loved.

  3. A very nice post! I admit I once dreamed of a fairy tale like romance but as I grow old, I realized that all I really want is someone who will hold my hand and will never let go. 🙂

  4. I really love this. It’s so true, I used to dream so often and write about all of things I wanted that were not so realistic and now that I’m older i’m happy to know the realism of relationships and the possibilities that life give us all.

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