Sassy, Sexy, Mysterious



Reese found herself hiding out by the girls bathroom, making that dreadful help me call to her girlfriend. Her date was, let’s face it boring. Or so she thought, until the arrogant, sexy, Chase Parker called her out on it. Now back with her date, Reese can’t stop stealing glances at the incredibly hot stranger who catches them and replies with his cocky winks. 

Before Reese can even see what’s going on, Chase makes his way over to their table with his just as hot date. What went from the worst date ever, is now the most interesting with Chase making up ridiculous stories about how they supposedly knew each other a long time ago.

Reese went along because, what were the chances of ever running into this hot stranger again in this huge city? Well maybe more likely than she thought, he might just become her new boss. 

5/5 Stars!

Ok first, I have to point out how this book totally blew me away. So I thought it was this sexy, funny, cocky alpha male type of book and believe me it was. To my very happy surprise it was also adorable, sad, mysterious, and romantic. Vi Keeland totally rocked it with Bossman!

“Suddenly it hit me. It was my heart. She was already inside my damn heart.”

We start off in this fancy restaurant with Reese, her date is really boring and won’t stop talking about his mom which is the number one no, no on a first date anyway! She’s going girl code on us and calling her friend to bail her out when she sees Chase Parker for the first time. Chase of course is being Chase and he calls her ass right out on it. Reese is really sassy though and she fires it right back at him. I think that’s what intrigued Chase in the first place, I mean obviously Reese is gorgeous but she has this fiery attitude that is so funny.

Reese can’t get Chase out of her mind the next weeks that pass by, so she Facebook stalks him but then comes up with a private profile giving no insight to him at all besides a super sexy profile picture that she automatically has to save to her desktop. Later to her surprise she runs into him at the Iron Horse Gym by her apartment and Chase puts her in contact with his friend who can help her with her job search. Chase had no clue that Sam would take such a liking to her and offer her an interview at Parker Industries and Reese would soon be his new marketing employee.

“You’re fired,” he groaned as he buried his face in my hair. “So fucking fired.”

I loved Reese in this book, sometimes when it comes to these type of novels the girl characters kind of annoy me because they are either way too willing to get into the guys pants or they just make trouble for no reason. Reese of course wanted to get into Chase’s pants, I mean so would all of you when you read this. But she was also very smart and the fact that he was her new boss made her not want to try anything that would affect her work in a negative way. That didn’t stop her from flirting after and before hours with their new cute deal they have going on, which was so entertaining!

Chase was an amazing character. Not only was he sexy, cocky, arrogant and yes the boss but he was also so funny, and so sweet and so NICE! He came up with these crazy funny stories all the time that just have you smiling and laughing. He really cared about Reese and he knew she didn’t want to be exclusive with her Boss but that didn’t stop Chase from trying his hardest to win her heart.

“I keep pushing, hoping you’ll break. And tonight I realized you need to get there on your own. I’ll be waiting when you do.” He pulled me to him and planted a kiss on my forehead.
“Now go inside before I change my mind and you’re up against the door instead of behind it safely.”

As much as this story is really light-hearted, it also has some heavy parts. It’s told from manly Reese’s point of view but it’s told in flashbacks from Chase. Chase takes you seven years back to a very important time in his life that sets off the ending to the book. Those parts are so crucial and I loved that the Author put them in there. It was like a little mysterious twist that just totally sucked me in. Reese and Chase both have some skeletons in their closets’ and Chase’s is about to reappear with a vengeance!

This book has the whole package when it comes to a romance novel. I loved the writing and the pace this book had. Everything was so well put together and I HIGHLY Recommend it. Like I said before it really blew me away, and it will surprise all of you as well once you read it! I love being surprised in books though, I hate when I can predict what is going to happen. Vi Keeland totally won me over and I am excited to read more books from her, I defiantly have a feeling that all of her books will pleasantly surprise me! 🙂

Have any of you read Bossman? What did you think?

If it’s on your TBR you defiantly need to read it! & if it’s not then you already know you need to add it to that mountain of yours! 🙂


21 thoughts on “Bossman

  1. I can’t wait to read this. Sounds right up my alley. Awesome review! I’m sold! 🙂 Have you read P.S. I Love You yet? You will die from all the cuteness. It’s so adorable. I went on an NA romance bender over the weekend and had to switch it up with a little YA romance. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Bossman was so good!! No I haven’t read it yet but It looks super cute! I know I need a change too, like a good YA book or a good mystery book! I have no clue what I want to read next 😦

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