Everything Changed

If you haven’t read the first part of Peyton and Easton, you better get caught up 🙂

Everything I Couldn’t Say


The night Easton told me he loved me, I couldn’t believe it but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t the best night of my life. I didn’t know what to say to him, I stood there like a freaking zombie but then I kissed him for the first time and I had no idea that lips could fit so perfectly together. I led him upstairs to my apartment and kept thinking about how he loved my little dance parties I have, to break free from studying sometimes. I knew I wanted him and I knew I couldn’t wait any longer so I thought maybe I could make it a little more fun and do a bit of a strip tease. That’s exactly what I did and he couldn’t take his eyes off me. He was full of lust and I was completely at his mercy. But him being the man I knew he always was, his first priority was me and the only thing he asked me in the darkness of my bedroom with the windows fogging up was “Peyton, do you love me too?”

I shit you not, I melted. Completely. To the ground. How could this beautiful man even have to ask me such an absurd question? You have to know Easton like I do, to understand why his heart is the most incredbile one I have ever known.

I’ve known Easton since we were 8 years old, he used to be this incredibly honest boy who lived down the street from me. I fell in love with Easton when I was 14 years old. We were freshman, and as you know when you are a freshman you are ugly as all get out. I had braces, I didn’t have a clue what the hell a straightener was, and I begged my mom to buy me clothes from Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch. Easton though, he was getting taller, his voice was deeper, his acne was gone. I couldn’t stop noticing him and the feelings I was getting. I was 14 though, do you even think about boys when you are 14? I didn’t even know what love was, all I knew was that I was drawing Easton’s name in a heart in my damn diary every single night. 

The other girls around school were noticing him too, especially the older ones. I didn’t blame them though. Even though I knew he just rolled out of bed in the morning, you couldn’t not take notice on how his chestnut brown hair always looked perfectly messy everyday. Easton had these piercing blue eyes that were filled with such intensity, but also such honesty that sometimes it was hard to look at them. That’s what you saw on the outside though, what was on the inside, what was in his heart is what I can’t get out of my mind to this day.

We were in his backyard that summer before school started with Zach McKenzie who literally is the worst person to play truth or dare with but guess what? We were playing truth or dare. Zach dared Easton to jump out of his tree house that we were sitting in. I know many of us have jumped out of tree houses before, but this tree is probably ten times bigger than any normal one. The tree house is so high up that you are out of breath by the time you climb up the ladder. We always picked dare though, we were young and I think the thought of the truth scared us all. Easton jumped and my heart fell out of my chest, that was the moment I knew I felt anything but pure friendship for him. 

He landed so hard he split his chin open and broke his arm. I was freaking out and climbing down the ladder too fast and I fell too and I sprained my ankle so bad it was the size of a giant golfball. Easton saw me and the biggest flash of fear spread across his face, he jumped up, blood running down his body, his arm hanging there limp and I couldn’t stand. He picked me up, HE HAD A BROKEN ARM AND HE PICKED ME UP. He kept soothing me with his voice and telling me it will be ok, when I should have been doing that to him. He carried me into the house and brought me ice for my ankle not even once thinking about how broken he was too. How do you find someone like that? You don’t. But I did, and I never let him go.

“Baby, don’t get up. Let’s just play hooky all day and stay in bed.” Easton said with his beautiful lazy just got laid smile spread across his face. He has no idea how bad I wish I could but I have an important meeting I’m flying out for today about finally opening up my own Rescue Shelter I’ve been saving up for since I can remember. I sigh “Please don’t give me that look, you know I can’t skip this trip. I’ve been waiting for this to happen for a long time.” I really have, I can’t help but be nervous even though I’m pretty sure everything will be approved.

It’s been 8 months since that amazing night in my apartment where everything changed. I thought I knew how incredible Easton already was, but I had no idea at all. He is always making sure I have everything I need, and do I even have to mention the sex? I never knew it could be so good, but I think I’m wet every time I look at him because honestly I’m always ready to go. We started out slow, figuring this all out together, if it could work or not even though there was no way in hell we were ever going to not let it work. I found out he has felt the same way about me all the time I have. Isn’t it weird, how two people can have the same feelings for each other but not even give one single hint to the other? I mean we both had absolutely no clue.

I was making my tea when Easton came up behind me and wrapped me up in his arms “You’ll do great these next couple of days, you know that right?” I really needed to hear those words because my hands won’t stop shaking and I don’t know if it’s the lack of caffeine or the fact that I feel like I’m going to upchuck my breakfast as soon as I get to the meeting. “You really think so? Because I feel anything but great right now” I turn around in his arms, so I can see his eyes. “Peyton, there is no one who deserves this more. You’ve worked on your proposal into the early morning hours for the last month, instead of being in bed with me. I would be lying if I didn’t say I was excited for this day to be over so I can actually have you in my arms at night again.” He was biting my ear and all of my worries go away. “Thank you baby” was all I could say because now a new feeling is coming over me.

I was finishing up my tea and going through my paperwork while Easton hopped in the shower. His phone went off right next to me and the noise made me jump a little but that wasn’t what made my hands go completely clammy. I have never looked at Easton’s phone before but when I see the name displayed on the screen I can’t help but take a peek, because my hands are literally shaking.

It’s from Layla, his ex girlfriend and I don’t even know what to think. He doesn’t have his text messages hidden when they pop up so I am able to catch a glimpse of what it says “That sounds amazing. I’ll see you tonight.” is all that’s written but it’s all it takes to completely crush my whole entire heart. I don’t even need to know what it means, it could be nothing, but it could be everything it sounds like. I knew Easton was always a little bit of a ladies man when we were still just best friends, but I thought I meant more. I thought I was more. All I need to know right now though, is that the person I am completely in love with is going to see the one person he used to be in love with and talk to me constantly about. Tonight. While I’m out of town.

I pack up my stuff quickly, just as Easton is walking out of the shower looking glorious with just a towel around his waist. He’s smiling and moving his hair off of his face and it takes everything in me to not run into his arms and show him all the good things he has with me. I shouldn’t have to do that though, I know that. I manage to mutter that I have to go, and he grabs me and kisses me and says three words that should make me feel a million times better but they don’t. Instead I feel betrayed. I tell him the truth though, I tell him I love him and I walk out of the door only to watch him pick up his phone and look at it. Only then does he look back at me, and he knows. He knows I saw, and the look on his face is pure worry.

I thought 8 months ago that this was the beginning of everything. I didn’t know it could also mean the end of everything I thought I knew.

Sorry but I had to make it a little juicy, with all the cuteness going on 🙂 Stay tuned for the next writing session! Thanks for reading loves 🙂


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