ARC Review: All Of These Things


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Release Day: September 1st, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Put some lipstick on and lounge into Anna De Mattea’s debut novel, and take a trip to Maine


Sometimes, good people can do bad things, and Caroline De Andreis is about to learn that the hard way.

A week on the beach is exactly what her cousin and best friend, Sofie, insists she needs. Between Caroline’s full-time job as an accountant, minding her mother’s mental health, and feeling pressured into making her eccentric mother meet her boyfriend’s conventional family, Caroline’s patience is at an end. Leaving responsibilities behind suddenly feels like a good idea to her, too.

In Maine, the days blend into each other as worries of home drift away. Caroline’s inexplicably drawn to a gorgeous Brit with a delicious accent, and his penchant for romance goes on to make her already complicated life speedily more intricate. There are consequences to face and tough choices to make, but will she abandon who she was for the woman she’s become, or will Caroline regret embracing life by

Caroline De Andreis was up tight to say the least, she was a little over dramatic and would take everything the wrong way which is why I loved her cousin Sofie. Sofie didn’t put up with any of her shit, she would let her have her little breakdowns and make her get back up and do the next crazy thing with her. It was so entertaining to watch those two tango back and forth with each other, it reminded me of my best friend and I. It was nice to see Caroline in Maine, she was my favorite when she didn’t have to worry about her mom and she could act her age and be a little reckless.

Let’s meet my favorite part in this novel, a hunky, beautiful, hot Brit named Alecsander Vaughn. Alec is SO swoon worthy ladies, and I didn’t even hear his British accent and I was already in love with it and him. Ok, I might have been using an accent in my head every time he talked but that’s besides the point. Alec meets Caroline the first night of their vacation in Maine. He enchants her right away and already has her thinking of only him, but there is one problem with that, Caroline has a boyfriend at home named Ryan.


If I had a delicious Brit calling me love and sweetheart for a whole week, I wouldn’t be thinking about anything else either. Although I felt semi bad for Ryan, something about him just didn’t sit right with me. I was totally with Sofie on team Alec so I don’t care ;). My favorite thing about Alec though was how kind he was, he was always looking out for Caroline and always asking her about her mother which is all she really wanted. She wanted someone to lift the weight off her shoulders a little and be there for her and thats exactly what Alec did.

You might think it was insta love for the two of them but it didn’t seem like it. There was this incredible connection between them that was so intense and hot, but everything about them was so honest and romantic. Their feelings were raw and exposed and it was beautiful when they were together.

I loved this book, it’s the perfect Summer read, it makes you wish you were on a beach in Maine with the characters. It’s told in Caroline’s POV but another thing I loved too was that it gave you little passages here and there of the other characters so you get to see what they are thinking throughout the story. This book was impactful and had the perfect amount of romance in it to keep you feeling gushy, but it also had a lot of secrets and situations you never saw coming.

This book also gives a small spotlight on mental health issues and the hardships that come with taking care of a family member. That was also refreshing to see in this type of novel, but the fact that the author still made the whole mood of the story nice and light was perfect since it was a contemporary novel. I loved the balance and the writing skills the author used.

I would totally reccommend this book! You won’t forget Alec Vaughn, and you will defiantly be taking a trip to Sephora to get some new lipstick and maybe even a trip to Maine after you read this book 🙂

*I received an advanced readers copy from the Author for an honest review

Meet The Author; Anna De Mattea

FullSizeRender1-300x288have to say I’m forever grateful that my mother was cool enough to allow me to indulge in soap operas. I’d watch Another World and Dallas only to rewrite its scripts for my favourite couples. I even dabbled in some fantasy work for the stars, writing out their Oscar acceptance speeches. But then I started babysitting and fell in love with reading to children. I loved hearing their take on a story and I loved performing different voices ̶ adding props to match the tales. Kids inspired me, and suddenly I preferred their company to adults, and decided to teach.

Before our first date, the love of my life accompanied me home one day after work and as I settled in his car I spotted U2 CDs. Then and there I decided he was a keeper, and together we have three exasperatingly beautiful children. They won’t admit it but I know they think we’re pretty cool parents. We’ve passed on our love for rock music, hockey, superheroes and Doc Martens, so life is definitely sweet in Montreal, Canada.


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