She Was My Home

It was Autumn and her Auburn hair fell perfectly around her plaid shirt. She was dressed in jeans and boots like every other girl here but she was nothing like any of them. She was beautiful, in the least ordinary way. 

The leaves were falling and she was spinning around, dancing with them as they slowly hit the ground. I took my phone out and I permanently captured this memory, her smile, her outfit, her hair, the way she was looking at me. 

If you could dream up the perfect day, this would be what it would consist of. The Autumn breeze so fresh on your face, pumpkins and hay stacks lined up all around you, the smell of hot chocolate and pumpkin spice donuts filling up your senses and a beautiful girl dancing in the leaves. I’m in my own kind of heaven.

The day she told me I was her’s was the best day of my life. Her green eyes smiled and glistened over as I pulled out a small diamond because it was all I could afford. I worked overtime every weekend for 3 months at the Fire Station just to afford at least a good down payment. She knew how much that meant, she never left me feeling unappreciated. 

She was heading my way, still smiling in my direction, I really don’t even think she knows what she does to me. I wrap her in my arms and I hold her close, because I will never let her go. When you find someone who speaks to your soul, you don’t let go. You fight and you do whatever it takes because no one will ever come close to what I have wrapped in my arms right now.

“How could it possibly get as good as this, right here, right now?” Her green eyes were looking deep into my blue and I squeezed her a little tighter. “I don’t know baby, but it’s pretty damn good, isn’t it?” It wasn’t a question, it was good, it was so good and so was the kiss I was receiving right now. Erin always did this thing that drove me wild before she kissed me, she always bites her bottom lip while staring at mine. I take the kiss deeper opening her mouth with my tongue and I hear a little moan escape from deep inside her.

“How about we grab our hot chocolate and donuts to go, so I can get you home and alone?” She giggled into me, my favorite sound in the world. “Ok, as long as when I’m finished devouring my hot chocolate, donuts and you, we can watch Hocus Pocus.” That damn movie, we have already watched it twice since the fall season came upon us, but I have to admit I love it too and even if I didn’t I would have never told her no. But I sigh and make her think I really don’t want to even though I would do anything she asked “Ok, fine you have a deal. Now come on baby, I want to take you home.”

Home is where we went, and home would be where we would stay. No matter where home actually was, to me it would always be in her arms, in her embrace, the feel of her kiss. Erin would always be home to me.

All the feels writing that! Ugh I’m in a little writing slump, so I’m in the process of writing a bunch of short stories to try to give me some more inspiration to put back into my story!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Oh, and umm I’m secretly super excited for Fall! Who else loves Fall?


15 thoughts on “She Was My Home

  1. I love fall, too. I used to live in Phoenix, where there is NO fall. It’s pretty much the same all year ’round. Now that I’m in Michigan, I get to see ALL the seasons, and I love fall the most!!

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