Loving Mr. Daniels

enchanting, heartbreaking, romantic


Ashlyn Jennings was hurting, after losing her twin sister and being forced to move to Edgewood to live with her biological father she feels lost.

After a chance meeting with a beautiful stranger at the train station she finds herself roaming into Joe’s Bar to watch his band play. Ashlyn had no clue that Daniel Daniel’s voice would take some of her pain away. Walking into her first semester of her senior year at a new school, Ashlyn also had no idea that the same guy who swept her off her feet the night at Joe’s Bar was now Mr. Daniels in the halls at school.

This book had EVERYTHING.

Ashlyn was to say the least broken, She lost her twin sister Gabby, she was forced to believe that her mother didn’t want her anymore & she was shipped off to live with her biological father who has a whole new family of his own that she never even knew about.

“You’re doing it.”

“Doing what?”

“Bringing me back to life.”

Ashlyn cried….a lot. Sometimes that can be annoying, but in this case I thought she had every right to cry as much as she wanted to. I liked her a lot, she was closed off and had a lot of sass but when she started bonding with her father’s step children Hailey and Ryan her loyalty and her true kindness showcased like no other. 

Daniel was just a pure kind soul, he had the voice of an angel and I was in love with his bands lyrics. Daniel didn’t showcase his emotions like Ashlyn did, I thought he had it way worse off than her, yet you didn’t get a chance to be there for him because this book mainly focuses on Ashlyn’s hurting. Daniel lost his mother and father within a year, that alone is horrible but the fact that his younger brother keeps running with the wrong crowd and has a link to a lot of the deaths that has happened in Daniel’s life is even more horrible.

“I don’t know what to tell you,
I don’t know what to say.
I only know that caring for you brings on more pain.
~ Romeo’s quest”

All of that is about enough to make one person go crazy, but put in the fact that Daniel is Ashlyn’s english teacher then it just gets 10 times worse. That fact to me just seemed like a minor bump in the road. They had no idea when they met, who each other was, and I thought they did an awesome job at getting through it as best as they could. 

“Mr Daniels,

The answer to where I want to be in five years? Simple. With you.”

Their relationship wasn’t dirty, or sexual like you would think a forbidden one would be like. It was pure emotional, and raw love for them. The sexual part was there, but the actual scenes were just pure romance and I secretly wished that a classroom fantasy would have broke out. They helped each other mourn their loses, I mean there were A LOT of lives ruined in this book. I loved watching them love each other silently, and I loved when they got the chance to love each other out loud. 

The love for books in this novel is also so great. Ashlyn and Daniel both love shakespeare, Daniels band Romeo’s Quest and their songs all have to do with Shakespeare writing. Like Romeo and Juliet, I mean how amazing is that? Their lyrics are incredible and they give you all the feels. Ashlyn is a total bookworm like all of us, she sits at parties and reads books instead of drinking, she might have us all beat.

“Why didn’t anyone ever throw reading parties? I would be all over that crap.”

You won’t regret giving this book a chance, the characters are amazing even the smaller ones like Hailey and Ryan. Ryan will be your new best friend, because he was defiantly mine! It’s emotional, but it’s worth all the sadness you might feel once you get to the end. So…. READ IT 🙂


7 thoughts on “Loving Mr. Daniels

  1. I have this one my e-reader a long time now, I bought it because of the great reviews and recommendations, but something kept me from reading it. Maybe the cover or the title that didn’t really sell it to me.. but now that I read your review.. I like emotional stories so I’m not going to keep it at the far end of the list any longer.

    1. Yay! It’s really good, a lot is going on in this book. It’s mainly about Ashlyn & Daniel but there are a lot of other things that tie in with their lives that are really interesting and keep your interest going. 🙂 Let me know whenever you give it a go!

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