Binge Worthy Authors/Series


Do you ever feel like taking a weekend to yourself and just binge reading the hell out of some books?



So that’s exactly why today I am going to list some of my favorite Binge reading Authors and their books/series that I loved! A lot of these are series, so unless you are a super fast reader you probably won’t finish them all in a weekend but they are so good to stick with and read one after the other!

1. For me, this one is kind of obvious…

Colleen Hoover

I love all of her books and I think everyone should at least just read one!

So check them all out; CoHo books

One in particular that I binge read the crap out of was



It was so addicting, I could not put it down. I finished it in one night and do you want to know what the best part is?

It’s free on Wattpad!

2. Sylvia Day; Crossfire Series



I myself absolutely love this series. I love Eva and I love Gideon and their story. I finally bought the last book in this series and I’m so excited to see how their story ends.


3. Lori Foster; The Ultimate Series



Think about hot, steamy, alpha male men and you have this awesome series from Lori Foster about a group of MMA fighters who have an incredibly close friendship. Every book is about a different member but somehow they all fit together perfectly.

My favorite story was Holding Strong! Denver and Cherry are really interesting and cute!

4. Jamie McGuire; Beautiful Series & Maddox Brothers Series

(Not all books are featured here! Couldn’t find a picture with ALL of them.)


Beautiful Series

The Maddox Brothers Series

I am currently finishing the Beautiful Series, I love it (But I’m nervous for A Beautiful Funeral!!)! But I need to read the Maddox Brothers series because I am loving all the Maddox boys! Jamie McGuire is such a good author and her books are so addicting and perfect for some binge reading.

5. Kim Holden; Bright Side Series



I just think these two books are so amazing, there are no words. Just take a weekend, curl up and grab some tissues and get to reading! Kate & Gus and all of their friends will forever stay in your hearts, I promise.

There are also 2 series that I have not read yet, but am just praying I have long weekends off soon so I can dig in! I am 99.9% positive that they are great binge worthy books and I just have to share them with you! Thank you to all of you who have done reviews on them and brought them to my attention! 🙂

1. Elle Kennedy; Off-Campus Series



This series looks SO good! It looks funny and cute, and I just cannot wait to get my hands on it. I’ve loved everyones reviews on here that I have seen for these books and I just know that I am going to love all of these characters! 🙂

2. Beth Flynn; Nine Minutes Trilogy



Has anyone ever watched Sons Of Anarchy? Well if you haven’t then there is something for you to binge watch on Netflix because it is AMAZING! This trilogy makes me think of that show, and I just love that this is about a motorcycle gang! I cannot wait to read it, I’ve heard so many good things about these books and this Author.

Alright ya’ll grab some of these books, cuddle up in your favorite reading spot, get out your favorite cup and pour yourself some tea or coffee and ENJOY! We all deserve some me time and a little binge reading! 🙂

What are your favorite binge worthy Authors & series?

Have you read any of these books? What did you think?

Recommend any books you would like!



14 thoughts on “Binge Worthy Authors/Series

  1. Awesome list! It’s like you copied and pasted my Kindle. Haha! Jamie McGuire is my favorite. I love her! She’s the reason I started reading NA romances. I just wrote my review of Beautiful Disaster last night. I’ll probably post it later today or tomorrow. And I plan to review all the books in her Beautiful series. Have you read Happenstance or the Providence series? I love both of them. CoHo is another fav of mine. I’ve read all her books, too. I read a few pages of the Wattpad book and wasn’t sure if I should keep reading. It had a lot of bad reviews, but maybe I’ll give it a shot anyway. The Off-Campus series. 🙌 It’s probably my favorite romance series. Have you read the Game On series by Kristen Callihan? It’s like Off-Campus but with football players. 😍 I bought the first book in that MMA series but I still need to read it. I love sports romances. 🤗

    1. No I haven’t read the providence series or happenstance but I will have to check those out!! I can’t wait for your review on Beautiful Disaster, I loved it 😃

      I really liked Too Late! It’s totally different then any CoHo book you would read, & I could see why it got different reviews but I couldn’t put it down!

      I can’t wait to read Off-Campus series especially when you recommended it! I have not read Game On but I love football players too so I’m sure it’s a good one ☺️ I love sports romances too!

      1. Jamie’s Providence series is about angels and Demons, but it’s really about the super cute love story between the main characters. Providence was her first book and she wrote Beautiful Disaster while she was waiting I think on copyedits for one of the books in that series. Happenstance is a YA novella series. I reviewed it last week. It’s really cute. Sort of like a Cinderella story. I can never put any CoHo book down. I read all of them so fast I was bummed when it was over. I guess I should read Too Late so I can see what I think. You will be obsessed with Off-Campus. Dean is my favorite. He’s the third book. I’m going to review the Game On series soon so you can see what you think. I couldn’t put the books down. They were so addicting.

      2. I’ll go look at your review right now to freshen my memory for Happenstance!! 🙂

        Defiantly read Too Late girl!

        I can’t wait for your review for the Game On series, and I defiantly can’t wait to meet Dean from the Off-Campus series! I love his name already 😉

      3. You’ve convinced me! I have to read Too Late now. I was thinking I need to read a contemporary before I start my next fantasy novel. I guess I better start writing my review of Game On. I loved those books. As soon as I was done Off-Campus, I was desperate for a replacement and was lucky enough to find this series. I’m posting my review of Beautiful Disaster tomorrow. I have so many to write for Jamie and CoHo I can barely keep up. 😂

    1. I was going to put Jodi Picoult on here! lol I love her as an Author as well!!

      Oh yes so pick up a Colleen Hoover book! Her new book It Ends With Us comes out August 2nd ☺️

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