Male Characters (sigh)

We all have about a billion different fictional boyfriends, some are all the same and some are different.


When I’m reading a book, I find myself interested in the male characters more than the female. For me, sometimes female characters can all be linked together in some way, maybe because I’m a female myself so I know how they act and why they are the way they are. I’m not really sure, but I find the male characters so much more interesting most of the time.

There is nothing better than a strong lead male to peak my interest even more. I especially love when books are even told from their point of view. To me, guys are just real. They say it how it is and they don’t sugar coat shit like we sometimes do. I don’t want to hear about the games you are playing, because you don’t know what you want. Male characters know what they want and they tell you, they go after you, they are dominant and there is nothing better than a dominant man.

For me I have two male fiction characters  I swoon over like crazy.

I especially go crazy in a book over a bad boy who can’t contain themselves in front of the woman he loves. I just can’t help it, I love it. There is nothing better than someone who curses off any type of relationships or feelings or any type of love. These type of characters mainly start off their relationships with sex, but then slowly find themselves opening up and falling in love.

Like Gideon Cross and Eva from the Crossfire Series, I secretly melted inside every time he called her angel, he is by far my favorite dominant male character. or like Miles Archer with Tate Collins in Ugly Love, Miles had two rules

1. Never ask about his past 

2. Don’t expect a future. 

He’s still a huge book boyfriend of mine and I absolutely love that novel!!


Second, I love a sweet romantic best friend type too, because those types are always super funny. I love funny guys, maybe because I love laughing so much but there is just something so sweet and genuine in a guy who can make you laugh. You secretly know they are doing it just to see you smile and there is nothing better than that.

I love a funny male character who can sweep you off your feet, but have you laughing the whole entire way down. And nothing in a book provides that more than a best friend. They know your secrets, they know everything about you so how could they not fall in love with you?

Like Gus Hawthorne fell in love with Kate Sedgwick in Bright Side or like Beau and Kate in When It Rains. Those are the best, best friend love stories that you secretly wish could happen to you!


Do you love an awesome male leading character?

Who are your book boyfriends?

What type of male character do you look for when you are reading a new book?

Let me know 🙂


5 thoughts on “Male Characters (sigh)

  1. I also like when the male and female leads are friends before they get together. It always plays out so much cuter than if they’d met on the street. I also like when they were the kind of friends who’ve known each other their whole lives and somehow ended up together. But I also like the bad boy/good girl combo. That always works well when there’s lot of sarcasm. All of the guys from the Off-Campus series as well as Blake from Smut are my favorite book boyfriends. I also liked Daemon Black from Lux.

    1. Yesss! Best friend ones make me so jealous. Like how amazing would that be to end up with someone who knows absolutely everything about you, including your childhood, your teenage years. It’s so romantic 😃😃

      I loveeee a good bad boy to keep the spice going though! lol

      1. Yeah, I’ve always wanted that best friend romance. I had a lot of male friends over the years but none that I liked more than a friend or brother. I do love my bad boys. I read a lot of novels with good girl tames bad boy.

      1. You have to read Off Campus. It’s such a good series. I’ve converted some of my followers and they’re also in love. You would probably read the series in a few days. They’re highly addictive.

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