The Air He Breathes

heartbreaking, healing, romance, laughter, this book has all the feels.


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4.5/5 stars!

I did not expect to finish this book in one day! I could not put it down, I fell in love with the characters and the way this book was written. I finished it at 1am and my thoughts were going crazy, I could not sleep! It was told from two points of view, which is my favorite because I love seeing both sides. I love knowing how both characters are feeling and I think it’s amazing when authors do that for you, it’s like a gift to me.

“You know that place between nightmares and dreams? The place where tomorrows never come and yesterdays don’t hurt anymore? The place where your heart beats in sync with mine? The place where time doesn’t exist, and it’s easy to breathe? I want to live there with you.”

This is the story about Tristan and Elizabeth, two heartbroken souls who know what it feels like to lose your whole world. Tristan moves to Meadow’s Creek where Elizabeth and her daughter Emma live. He is known as the towns asshole, well because for the most part he doesn’t give a shit and is pretty much an asshole. Elizabeth see’s right through his hard exterior though because he has a right to shut the world out and to want to be alone. She know’s that more than anyone. These two take you on an adventure full of things that will make you laugh, cry and find yourself holding your heart because it feels like it might break but it also picks up the pieces as you go.

The less I touch on the plot, the better because this story deserves your full attention. And you deserve the feeling’s it gives you, and the twists and turns it takes you through. I will however touch briefly on a few of the other characters in this book because they totally stole my heart.

“Every second. Every minute. Every hour. Every day.”

Tristan and Elizabeth are wonderful main characters and I loved them both but what is even better about this book is the little side characters that come in and out, they are AMAZING! The author did such a great job at making you feel connected to so many of them. Like Emma, Elizabeth’s daughter. My heart melted into puddles on the floor for this adorable 5 year old. I just wanted to jump into the story and hangout with her for a day, she was so sassy and cute and I would totally win Zombie voice of the year! I also loved Faye, Elizabeths best friend. Her personality is one for the books, and it defiantly delivered  an excellent definition of what a best friend should be like, no filter and all.

“Sometimes all a broken heart needed was a bag of shit and a little fire.”

This isn’t your average love story, I thought it was going into it but I was totally wrong and in this instance I loved being wrong! You know what else this story has that will interest you?

A  big giant fatty matty……PLOT TWIST!

There, that’s all I’m saying because you need to pick it up and read it for yourself. You won’t regret it and it will give you all the feels I promise! Brittainy C. Cherry might become one of my favorite authors because I adored this book and I’m also going to read Loving Mr. Daniel’s this month also by her. She is defiantly an author to check out for all of my Contemporary lover’s out there 🙂


12 thoughts on “The Air He Breathes

  1. It’s already on my TBR! Thank you for sharing, the last quote with the bag of doodoo made me think of The Leftovers on HBO lol. I’m def going to read this one 💕

  2. Colour me vulgar, but that ‘bag of shit’ quote really piqued my interest! And the rest of your review as well of course 😉

    1. It’s amazing! Defiently give it a try, I loved it and could not put it down. You will love all the little small characters, they are adorable and really make it that much more enjoyable 🙂

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