When It Rains

This book will take you on an intense emotional ride. 


4.5/5 stars

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Kate Alexander was a bright, happy normal teenager until a usual bonfire after their high school’s football game completely tore her apart. Kate was never the same after that night and she never told anyone about it, not even her best friend Beau who she knew would never let anything bad happen to her.

Kate has loved Beau since she could remember, she never thought she would hear the words come form his mouth, only when they came it was already too late. She had already changed and she couldn’t give him what they have always wanted. He deserved better. 

Asher Hunt arrives out of no where, He doesn’t know Kate and from the moment she see’s him she finds it refreshing to know that she could become friends with someone who wasn’t always asking about her past. Asher made her forget about everything, he made her feel alive again but she had no idea what was in store for her, she was about to be broken once again. 

 I literally had to go in stages to read this, it defiantly had it’s moments where it broke me. The beginning was hard to get through because it showed the most of Kate’s past. It showed what happened to her to take all her happiness away. The way people treated her, was unforgiving. I can never wrap my head around how cruel teenagers can be. Your teen years really can be the best years or the worst years. It’s so different for everyone.

“I guess not being ‘just like them’ is a crime.”

As much as it hurt me to hear Kate’s back story, the one thing that did make me smile like no other was her best friend Beau Bennett. I knew from the moment he was talked about by Kate that I would love him. Beau was handsome, caring, genuine, he was the sweetest type of person. I am instantly drawn to nice guys, it’s just what I like in a male book character.

Beau has loved Kate forever and she has loved him forever. It was the most frustrating thing just sitting there reading about how they felt about each other but they never once said a word. Of course when they did decide to say something, the timing was completely horrible and although they cared about each other deeply, the missed connections put a minor damper on their friendship. After that you didn’t hear much about Beau besides when Kate would talk about him.

“There’s a certain way a guy looks at the girl who he can’t live without.”

“And how is that?”

“Like she’s everything he’ll ever need.”

Soon Asher Hunt storms into the picture. He is mysterious, trustworthy and a breath of fresh air. I really liked Asher, he walks into Kate’s life at the exact moment she needs him.  Asher knows something has happened to Kate,  He has really good instincts and he starts out by building her trust, showing her new things, making her conquer her fears head on.

Their relationship together was totally insta love, it all happened very fast and I didn’t know how I felt about that. The way they would talk to each other, it was like they were together for years when they only were together for a couple of months. Kate was always a little overdramatic when it came to her feelings so I let out a sigh of relief when he finally made her open up. What I didn’t know was that Asher was carrying around a secret of his own.

“From now on, when it rains, think of me.”

Just when this book was starting to let me finally take a little breath, it was stripped right away! Towards the end of this book my heart completely broke. I had to take yet another break and pull myself together. This is a really emotional book, not just in the love story but in the realness of the events. All of it could happen to anyone and it breaks your heart a little bit. It’s a very raw story, and it is sad. I thought it was great though, It was very well written by the author.

I was very happy at the end of this story though, soooo happy! It’s a great mixture of emotions and if you love emotional books, I highly recommend you read it. It will be perfect for you! 🙂


11 thoughts on “When It Rains

  1. This is ONE of my most favorite books ever! I’ve read it so many times and Lisa De Jong is such a great author. The love triangle in this book is one of the best I’ve ever seen. I’ve never rooted for both guys to win, but I honestly couldn’t choose between the two! 🙈

    1. Oh I’m so happy you loved it! I loved it too, it was sooo good. I like both guys too, but there was something about Beau I really liked! lol so in my mind I was secretly rooting for him. I can’t wait to read the little novella follow up for this book 🙂

  2. This book sounds good. I’ll definitely check it out, though I’m not in the mood for emotional…haha. I just finished one of the books you bought the other day Loving Mr.Daniels and it was really good! It actually got tears brimming in my eyes. Her writing style is beautiful! Just wanted to let you know because I wouldn’t have known about the book if it weren’t for your haul you shared so thanks!!!

    1. Yay you did!? You’re so welcome, I haven’t read it yet. I’m saving it for my July TBR but I’ve heard so many good things so I’m super excited to read it! I’m glad you liked it 😃 thank you for the feedback, this book was pretty emotional lol it was really good though.

  3. I love the sound of this book! I have been reading a lot of action, suspense, so I could definitely take a break with this one. Great review! 🙂

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