Into The Light (The Light, #1)

Mystery, Suspense, Confusion, Anger, Romance, edge of your seat good. HOLY COW I loved it!


*I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

4.5/5 stars

Stella Montgomery is an investigative journalist in Detroit, Michigan. After her best friend disappears she starts to notice a pattern of women suspiciously going missing. None of the women have anything in common but as Stella takes her investigation even further, she starts connecting the very confusing dots that her detective boyfriend warned her about, and is on the edge of discovering something that could turn out to be huge. 

Sara Adams wakes up blind in what she can tell is a hospital room, she can’t remember anything and now she has a husband she doesn’t know and is given orders that just don’t seem right to her. Everyone calls it the Light, but Sara soon discovers how terrifying the light really can be.

First off, the coolest thing about this book to me is that I am from Michigan! And I live about an hour away from Detroit where some of this plot was based out of. I loved hearing all the familiar roads and buildings they mention in this book. It really made my interest go up that much more for the personal touch.

This book catches your interest from the moment you start reading the first chapter. Less of actually what happens is best in this review, since I want everyone of you to read it and find out yourselves how good it really is!  It mostly tells the story in three point of views. Stella, Sara, and Jacob.

“I no longer existed. Whoever I really am is gone.”

Stella is a strong willed character, she is an investigative journalist and she’s trying to get a break in a story she has been researching for a while. Tons of missing women in Detroit,  this odd cult like Church that is slowly starting to turn up more and more clues of holes in their story. All of it in her mind seems to lead back to her missing best friend Mindy, who she can’t help but think is in the middle of all of it. Her detective boyfriend Dylan tries everything to get her to stay away from it, it  just makes her want to dig deeper and keep connecting the dots (sounds so much like me, I never stray from a mystery.)

Sara Adams is blind, scared and told that she is unable to speak so she can rest her vocal cords. How awful would it be to wake up with bandages on your eyes, and not remember a single thing. Not even remember your name or who your husband is? Sara’s story is compelling, she is strong, and sweet and so brave. Although she keeps getting told to obey all these certain ways, she keeps a little attitude and spark to her that I can’t help but admire throughout the whole story.

“One minute I’d fantasize about him, the next I’d fear him.”

Jacob is Sara’s husband. I loved Jacob, although he is supposed to stay strict with Sara and teach her the ways of the light and not let her disobey any of them, he can’t help but melt into her. Jacob loves Sara, he is so sweet and loving towards her. He is so close to moving his way to the top in The Light, but he’s becoming more vulnerable and it’s starting to take a toll on him, especially what happens at the end.

This book was amazing, It had all the feels of a great mystery book but it also had a sweet romance story in it as well. It will keep you at the edge of your seat, I promise. And at the end you’re going to pause and take a deep breath and say “WHAT THE HECK!?” because the ending is such a cliff hanger! Oh I was so mad, but it makes me even more excited for the second book.

“Whoever I truly was wasn’t gone, not yet. I needed to fight.”

I highly recommend Into The Light, it is a duet series. The second book Away From The Dark is due to be out in October of this year and I am biting my lip just wanting it to come as fast as it can! But not really, because I love Summer.


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