So Much More

Kim Holden has the true ability to suck you right into a story, So Much More was no exception and it gave me all the feels!


5/5 stars

I’ve spent a little bit more time than usual thinking of how I was going to review this book. It was one of the most unique stories I have ever read, It’s hard because I don’t want to give anything away. I feel like the details are the most important in this book, so I will choose my words as carefully as I can.

Seamus is wonderful, he is the most amazing father and a wonderful husband and his fierce loyalty is only something to admire. His heart is just pure goodness, there is no other way to describe this man.

Seamus has found himself in the middle of a divorce with Miranda and has now moved himself and his kids into a small apratment closer to his work. He only has a few neighbors, his land lady and her husband and Hope and Faith, the two other tenants on the first floor.

“All that’s left is ‘we.”

My favorite thing about this book was the characters. I say it all the time and I will say it again, Kim Holden is the best author when it comes to her characters! I get so into her books just because of them, she makes you want to know them, she connects you with them. She is brilliant with characters. So let’s meet some!

Remember how everyone did those blog posts about their favorite father characters? Well guess what, I just found mine…Seamus! I mean holy cow you guys, Seamus is amazing. You don’t see many male characters being the single parent these days. The love, loyalty and faith Seamus had for his kids was breathtaking just reading it. You fall in love with Seamus easily and fast and by the end of the book all you want to do is hug him. He’s a terrific dad, he has such a loving heart, and he is pretty dang cute too. I love his kids and all of their different personalities, they were each such individuals and I loved how he encouraged their quirky ways. Kids are so special, and it showcases it in this book.

“Reality can be a fierce bitch. So can Miranda.”

Miranda, I don’t even know what to say about her. Miranda may have been one of the most entertaining evil characters but she was nonetheless evil. She was a piece of work you guys, I mean, I don’t even know what I mean. Miranda makes me speechless, not in a good way. The things she did in this book are unheard of to me. I disliked her throughout the whole entire book until maybe the last few chapters. I still didn’t like her at the end, I just accepted her. I accepted her role in everyone’s lives and she didn’t make me want to punch her in the face anymore.

“My heart really likes your heart.”

Faith was beautiful and free spirited on the outside but on the inside she was still battling her demons. I loved Faith and she makes me want to go to the beach and get free hugs from strangers! Faith see’s the absolute good in everyone and one of my most favorite things about her is how she always tried to showcase the good in people. If you were her friend or even if you were a stranger, she will find a way to make you happy because it makes her happy. I wish there were more people in the world like Faith, there would be so much more joy!

So Much More was different than I ever expected it to be. It’s about love, loss, finding yourself, letting go of your past and overcoming your anger, fear and weaknesses. This was such a unique book, you won’t find anything like it. I loved it, I thought it all came together perfectly with all the connections that were made. It’s told by a handful of different characters, but it’s not confusing like you might think. Everything blends together and makes sense.

I know a lot of you have been wanting to read this book, so I am here to tell you to pick it up and dig in! It’s great and I highly recommend it. Although I know like every other book, it might not be for everybody but you should give it a try. This book has all the feels! It will make you laugh, cry, your heart will break but you will heal and be okay in the end. 🙂

“Life blooms in second chances.”


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