My Social Media Links!

Happy Sunday my lovely friends!

Did everyone have a great weekend? Did you do anything exciting? Give me some good stories since I spent my whole weekend working! Ugh such a drag and it was such a beautiful weekend too, all I wanted to do was sit outside and sun bathe with a great book! I did have a wonderful day today celebrating Fathers Day though, nothing is better than family and it’s so nice when you get to spend quality time together.

We had a pool day and barbeque with my whole family today, it was super fun!

I realize that I haven’t really put any other ways you can follow along with me and keep up with my reading and thoughts. So this post is mainly just for giving the links to all of my social media accounts I have for my blog! 🙂

Here is my Goodreads account! I love Goodreads and I know we all have it, so let’s be friends! 🙂

Twitter is super fun too! Follow me! 🙂

I also have a Facebook page that you can like that I absolutely love, I originally made it so my family could follow along easily with my blogging too but I love the fact that you can share so much with your audience on there! Like my page! 🙂

Have a great night everyone :).


10 thoughts on “My Social Media Links!

  1. Added you on Twitter & goodreads. It’s cool that we’re the same age. haha. My weekend was all right. I did finish two books, so I’m happy about that! (The Book Thief & One True Loves)

    1. That is cool! Thank you 😃 lucky, I’m hoping this week I get back into my reading groove, I didn’t really have time this weekend. I did start So Much More by Kim Holden yesterday though!

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