I love writing when I can’t sleep. 

It was a Tuesday, nothing special ever happens on random Tuesday’s. I wake up, I shower, I get dressed, read the paper and then I feel my first need for caffeine so I start to head down my usual route to my favorite coffee shop. I expect to see my normal morning greeting’s from Mr. Reid outside on the bench reading the paper. I expect the familiar faces and the groups that meet every morning for breakfast or coffee when I hear that chime from the bell on the door, signaling my arrival.

What I don’t expect is to stop dead in my tracks as I look at the line ahead. What I don’t expect is the beautiful chestnut brown hair I see curled to perfection hanging just down the middle of the most beautifully curved body I have ever seen. How can I be having these thoughts right now? All I see is the back of this woman, but somehow I know as soon as she turns around and I get a look at the front of her, this will be anything but a normal Tuesday.

I study her order, it kind of almost surprises me since I don’t think I have heard it come out of a woman’s mouth before. “I’ll have a large black coffee, please, and a double chocolate chip muffin.” I don’t know why it surprises me, maybe because she loves black coffee with no extra added foo foo to it or the fact that she ordered a double chocolate chip muffin. Or maybe it’s the fact that the sound of her voice just woke me the hell up, more than any shot of caffeine ever could.

She’s now turning around and it’s my turn to order, but I can’t. I have this gut feeling that as soon as I see her face I won’t be able to speak so I let the impatient man behind me go since he’s obviously in a hurry. I see her now and it’s hard to even make a small hand gesture telling him he can go ahead of me. I’ve gone over in my head what I thought she might look like while she was saying her order but I can’t even think straight right now.

The most beautiful green eyes are looking at me, and I swear I can see the world in a whole new light. I’ve never seen more beautiful skin, a natural glow and I can only imagine how soft it feels to lightly brush my fingers across. I’m mesmerized by her intense cheekbones and the tiny scar on the right side of her jaw. I have the biggest urge to want to know the story behind it. Her body is full of curves that hug all the right places and she is completely oblivious to every male attention she has in this room. Jesus why am I thinking all of this? I sound like a 17 year old boy. I can’t stop these thoughts for the life of me, and honestly I don’t want to.

This was supposed to be a normal Tuesday, I was supposed to leave here and go home to work on my manuscript. I was supposed to get out of my writers block today and finish my book. But this isn’t a normal Tuesday and the only thing I want to do is go home and delete every word I have written and write about every part of this girl I see right now. I need to know her story. I need to know why she likes her coffee black, I need to know how she got that scar on her jaw, I need to know if a double chocolate chip muffin is her favorite or if she just decided to order it today, I need to know what her book preference is, does she love romance or mystery? Does she love cats or dogs?

I need to know everything about this beautiful girl. This was supposed to be a normal Tuesday…

Are you ever curious if a stranger ever has these thoughts about you just by looking at you? It’s late, I just finished an adorable book and I can’t sleep so I felt like writing a few paragraphs that came to my mind! I hope you enjoyed, thanks for taking the time to read ☺️💕


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