Trust No One


3.5/5 stars

Grace Elland is a survivor and a huge optimist, which may have something to do with why she was so good at her job since she took motivational speaker Sprague Witherspoon to the top. Her Witherspoon’s way quotes and cookbook were a huge hit with the company. Grace is having troube in the job area though, she could never keep a job longer than a couple months, and it’s no surprise when she lands one she likes, that she soon finds her boss Witherspoon murdered in his home.

A mysterious vodka bottle is found on Sprague’s night stand which takes Grace back to a horrible time when she was 16 and had to fight for her life and another life. Now her nightmares are back and their just as vivid as they were in the beginning. With all these emotions springing upon her, she decides to go back home for a while, so she can clear her mind and start her job search back up.

“Panic Attacks were like earthquakes. It wasn’t a matter of if there would be another one. It was only a question of when it would strike. She had discovered the hard way that it might be weeks, months or even years between attacks. Or it could be tomorrow night.”

Coming home means old friends, and old friends if you are single means blind dates. Meet Julius Arkwright, a young entrepreneur/ ex marine. Julius is handsome, strong, mysterious but he’s also very sweet for the right person. Julius just got over a divorce when Grace and his friends set them up, of course it wasn’t all meant for those innocent reasons. Julius was also set up on this date to get a feel for Grace and her innocence in the Sprague murder case. Julius is good at reading people and when he flat out asks Grace if she murdered Sprague, he instantly knew that wasn’t the case, as he see’s just how scared she actually is.

I really liked Grace and Julius together, he was a bit of a pessimist and Grace is a total optimist, it was cute seeing how she would bring him out of his shell. When Julius learns how scared Grace is, he knew he would not be leaving her and that he was going to help her figure this mystery out, especially when she starts receiving weird emails and they learn she is being stalked. Julius has to take Grace back to her past to figure this all out, which was so surprising. I couldn’t believe what happened to her when she was 16.

“It wasn’t just the after-dinner talk that was different,” Edward said. “You seem different.”

“Grace changed everything.”

This was a great mystery romance novel. There are so many twists and turns in this book, it keeps you guessing like crazy. Grace and Julius’s relationship was perfect and I loved watching it bloom. I also loved the other characters that popped up in this book. Especially Grace and Julius’s neighbors, they were typical small town neighbors, so noisy and friendly but they were adorable. I love the connections the author made, everyone is connected somehow in this book, it’s like a crazy web of lies and mystery.

This wasn’t my favorite book in the world, but I enjoyed reading it so I would recommend it if you like Mystery Romance, it’s defiantly not boring and it does keep you on your toes trying to figure out the mystery!


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