Holding Strong


3.5/5 stars

This was by far my favorite book from the Ultimate series by Lori Foster! This story is full of hot alpha male’s all around. It is set around the world of MMA fighting, which I loved. I grew up with brothers, so I had to watch UFC all the time and still sometimes do!

Denver Lewis; well Lori Foster knows how to  create hunky male characters thats for sure! Denver has never had time for a girlfriend, he is very passionate about his preparations for his fights(MMA fighter, can it get any better!?). It’s getting harder and harder for him to ignore his feelings for Cherry Peyton though, she is a bit of a flirt in their group of friends and he is a jealous guy and is trying as hard as he can not to want her, but she is also very girlfriend material and the only thing he wants is her.

“She looked so sweet, it was a challenge not to kiss her. If they were alone, he wouldn’t bother resisting.”

Cherry was very interesting, her present and her past are the most curious things about her. Although she may seem flirty to everyone else, she really is more self conscious than you would think. I would have never guessed that she had such a horrific childhood and I could never imagine going through what she did. It was almost painful to read at times, but it tied in well with the story line and it made for a very interesting plot. Although at some points she may seem fragile, Cherry is very strong and she’s not afraid to ask questions or stand up for herself. I had so much respect for her, she was a great female character.

Denver has pretty much been in love with Cherry for a long time and you can totally tell because as hard as Denver tries to steer clear from her, he can’t and Cherry starts to realize that. She takes one more shot at trying to get his attention and she finally gets what she wants. Of course on their first night together, she gets the flu and she now wants Denver as far away from her as possible. She can’t bring herself to actually tell him that, and there is no way he is leaving her side.

Denver scooped her up, kissed her silly, and told the crowd what he already knew. “I’m a winner, and it doesn’t have a damn thing to do with how I do at the next fight.”

This book had such a strong plot and great characters and friendship. I loved the close knit group of all the fighters and their girlfriends. They were there for each other no matter what the circumstances were. They treated each other like family and I adored how each of them were there for Cherry, especially Denver. As soon as he found out about her past and that she was in trouble, he never left her side, even if that meant he could get hurt.

Cherry and Denver battled each other’s demons together and they were both so strong. This is a great series to read, each story has a different situation but each one is about a different member of their little MMA group. This one was by far my favorite though, I loved it and I thought it was a great book!


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