Bright Side


5 amazing stars

This was the happiest, saddest, most emotional book I think I have ever read. It made me laugh out loud, it made me clutch the book and curl up and cry. It was just amazing! Kim Holden you sure know how to write a book that connects you to the characters like no other.

“Don’t judge each other. We all have our own shit. Keep your eyes on yours and your nose out of everyone else’s unless you’re invited in. And when you get the invitation, help, don’t judge.”

I wish we had more people in this world like Kate Sedgwick (Bright Side) sheย is the most passionate, loving, down to earth, optimistic, and funny character I have ever been introduced to in a book. Kate is the kind of person who makes you want to be a better person and live your life in the present so you can enjoy each moment with the people you love. She lives on the bright side, and she makes me want to live on the bright side too! (which I will try to do more often now, it’s more fun.) Things that happened in her life had to be so tough, but I am so glad she had Gracie, Gus, and Audrey to make her smile and happy all the time.

Gus kind of stole my heart in this one, I want a best friend like him! Guy best friends are the best, it’s just pure fun and loyal friendship. Especially when you are younger, girls can sometimes just be too much. Gus was so adorable, and he can sing and he plays guitar and is probably the most loyal, caring friend on earth! He is the ultimate book boyfriend ladies ๐Ÿ™‚

“I think I just fell in love with butterflies.”

I loved all of Kates friends in this book, I felt like I was friends with all of them. I wanted to work with Shelly at the flower shop, I wanted to dance the night away with Clayton, I wanted to have a serious conversation with Pete, and I wanted to be loved by Keller and Stella and of course miss higgins like Kate was.

This book makes you appreciate the little things in life, like hugs! I want more big hugs in my life. I feel like I am better for reading it. It’s weird sometimes how books can make you feel, but Kim Holden truly wrote a special one when she wrote Bright Side. I feel like I’m going to be telling my friends and family all the time to “Do epic” and I feel like I am going to be saying “Dude” for a while now too!

“People excel in the art of hugging. They somehow manage to hug you with their whole being, not just their arms. Their warmth surrounds every inch of you. It makes you feel cherished and comforted.”

If this has been on your TBR lately, you need to pick it up and start reading. It is a 5 star book and it will make you super happy I promise! But you will also be crying like a baby I’m sure, but it’s so worth it. This is the kind of book that I know I am going to read again and again. I can’t wait to read Gus now and see how he is doing in the sequel to this book! Or I am kind of nervous if it has just as much emotion actually.

“You are brave…”


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