Lightning Lingers

I just finished the second book in the Lightning Strikes trilogy from Barbara Freethy. Lightning Lingers was really good just like the first book Beautiful Storm. In the second book it focuses on Alicia’s brother Jake Monroe and his old high school girlfriend/ neighbor Katherine Barrett. Katherine has been going to medical school and has just graduated when she gets a call from her brother TJ saying he is running away to Mexico to save himself and their family from an unknown killer.


3.5/5 stars

Jake is a pilot just like his father was, so Katherine has to fall back on Jake hoping that he will be able to look past their broken relationship to get her to Mexico without being seen so she can save her brother. They end up finding decades of secrets from both of their families that bring them closer and closer to finding the truth about everything, but that doesn’t stop all the danger they are put through on their adventure through deep parts of Mexico.

“She had a heart-shaped face, creamy skin that turned honey gold in the sun, soft, full lips that she tortured with her teeth when she was nervous or stressed or filled with reckless desire.”

I really like how the mystery and the investigation of the first book fits so well into the story in this book. I didn’t feel as into it as I did with Beautiful Storm, which I hate when that happens in a trilogy. I love the story but something about the character line just didn’t sit as well with me. I think I wasn’t as impressed with Katherine Barrett’s character as I was with Alicia’s. With Alicia it was so easy to like her and follow her story, but with Katherine it is a little harder. I really liked Jake though, I liked him even in the first book. He is just a straight up guy, you always know how he is feeling and what he is thinking, he doesn’t hide things or pretend. I know Jake and Katherine’s relationship was meant to be edgier and more distant but I guess I just liked Michael and Alicia a lot more.

“It wasn’t easy for me Jake, I was in love with you. You were breaking my heart.”

It was still a great read, and it gets you closer to the mystery about what happened to their dad and what happened within the MDT company and why there is so much danger being brought upon everyone involved in the case. We still have to wait for the third and last book in the trilogy coming out in August, Summer Rain which focuses on Danielle Monroe who hopefully has all the answers about everything for us! 


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