Beautiful Storm

I stumbled across a new trilogy while I was in Barnes And Nobles a couple weeks ago. I kept walking by it and reading the back to see what it was about and then I would go to another isle but I just kept coming back so I decided to pick the first two books up, the third one isn’t out yet. I just finished reading the first book and I obviously LOVED it! I have never heard of the author before but I will defiently have to look into her other books. So today I am doing my review on Beautiful Storm written by Barbara Freethy.

4.5/5 stars


The novel was not what I expected it to be at all which I love when that happens when I am reading books, sometimes you can just tell what a book is going to be like and that’s no fun. It’s defiantly a romance suspense novel, which I am just starting to get into and I really like so far!

 Alicia Monore is obsessed with chasing lightening ever since her fathers plane went down in an electrical storm. She finds herself in the middle of a disappearance case when an electrical storm she was chasing shows her images and she finds a military tag in the dirt where she was by. Which then leads her to the overly handsome Michael Cordero which all of us ladies would want. Attractive, powerful, a little bit of a dark and dangerous kind of man which is probably my favorite male book character (But who am I? ;)) Together the two start an investigation into the disappearance themselves and boy does the ending give you a shock!

This book has so many twists and turns happening in it, I felt like I was investigating this disappearance myself trying to figure out what happens before I get to the end. It’s full of suspense, you’ll get frustrated with all the dead ends all of the leads come to but that’s what keeps you wanting more. It’s also full of romance, which is my favorite. I love Alicia and Michael together as a team. They are smart together, and they love to stir things up.

I can’t wait to start reading the second book, Lighting Lingers and I will make sure I do a review for you on that one too, I’m sure the mystery will only deepen! I can’t wait until August when the third book comes out, I know I will be the first one at the store snatching it up. Run down to your local bookstore and pick up Beautiful Storm, you won’t regret it! This is going to be a great Summer trilogy to read.


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