It’s Never Easy

The other day I saw this saying “love isn’t hard when you’re with the right one.” It really got me thinking and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s pretty much bullshit. I am with the man that is most defiantly the one and over the years loving and staying in love has had its hard challenges and I can’t even imagine all the hardships we will face years from now when we keep taking big steps into our future together.


There are days where you just get so irritated you just want to kick them in the shins sometimes or wish they would stub their toe (because it hurts). Growing together with someone is hard work, you have to change with them and develop new ways to spend time together or find new enjoyable things to do that you both like. You’re constantly building a stronger foundation for your relationship no matter how long you’ve been together.

You really do get to experience the worst and the best in your partner and sometimes you even have to fight for each other and go against all odds when the going gets tough. Arguments and words can cut deep when you’re in a relationship. We never mean to hurt anybody we care about but it happens and you have to find a way to be there for the good and the bad. You don’t want to be that couple that goes back and forth and on and off again, or just can’t seem to learn how to stick around. That’s not fun for anyone and honestly what’s the point!?

When you find your balance and you find a way to always cherish one another, it will get easier, but it’s always going to be hard. There are always going to be arguments and different views and who is right or wrong. But when you’re still holding on and you made it together at the end of the day that’s all that matters. You are both still there, still fighting to stay in love when sometimes it seems like this world is fighting to keep you apart. You show up everyday ready to face whatever challenge comes next….together.


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