A day in the life of a dog mom

I’m sleeping so good, and rest is just what I needed and a big bed to sprawl out in once my man heads off to work. Then I feel a weight next to me and my 80 pound dog gets up in the bed just like every other morning. She can’t sleep down at my feet she comes right up around my head plops down and rests her head and body on my side. I don’t mind though, she warms me up and I slowly start to fall back asleep. Mmm not so fast, I start to hear a noise becoming louder and louder in my ear and a nose pressed up against my face. My Izzy is the sweetest chocolate lab around but this girl snores like a grown man. So I guess it’s time to check my social media and let the princess sleep a little bit longer.

She finally wakes up and decides it’s time to get out of bed, but I of course am still laying there thinking just give me 10 more minutes. She’s out in the living room by now, checks the house out, I hear her at the water bowl. And then like magic one of us forgot to put our slippers away the night before and here comes Izzy telling me to get out of bed with my slipper in her mouth just staring at me.


It’s time to let her out and feed her and of course she has to have her morning treat. I should probably get myself ready too. So I get ready to shower, and I’m sure everyone else’s dog sits and waits for you at the door until you open it and come back out. Aren’t dogs so sweet? I just love how much they care about their family. Like clockwork I’m getting dressed or I’m out in the other room doing something and some mornings I forget to put the toilet paper in the cabinet (yes I have to do that everyday and I’m sure others know exactly what I’m talking about) and I can see her go in there checking things out and  my cute pup comes trotting out with the roll of toilet paper in her mouth looking at me like “mom you forgot to put the toilet paper away again, now it’s mine to ruin”


Now it’s time to run some errands or go to work. Now I can easily say goodbye to AJ, give him a kiss or a hug and say see ya in a bit but when it comes to my Izzy that’s a whole different story. You’re looking into the biggest puppy dog eyes ever and it’s like “okay, I have to go now for a little while.” “You be a good girl and take nice naps.” “I’ll miss you but I promise I’ll be back soon.” “You want a treat?” “What a good girl, okay I love you. Bye.” (usually I’m thinking why can’t I just text my dog!?) Takes about 5 to 10 minutes to say goodbye am I right?

Fast forward to the evening and I’m like yes, it’s a perfect night to just relax on the couch with AJ. Eat some good food, watch my favorite shows. It’s going to be comfy and great. So we cook some dinner, feed the pup, wash my face, put my pajamas on and I’m ready. Izzy’s like nahh she’s ready to play. She’s grabbing all her toys out of her toy box. Doing a little barking, you know staring at me like are you going to pay attention to me or not? Maybe steals the controller, maybe takes your phone off the table, the usual. (my dog loves attention) So of course, I make AJ play with her for a while ;). Then she’s ready to relax, so she lays at my feet and we start watching our shows, I’m so comfy. Then my pup gets up, looks at me, puts her two front paws up on the couch and is like “Okay I’m coming up, lift my butt up and help me get up here” And now I have 3 big objects on one little couch.

Now it’s bed time, and I’m so excited to go to sleep (If you can’t already tell I love sleep), It’s been a long day. So I get in bed with my man, ready to cuddle up…. but nope. Here comes my Izz ready to get in her spot to say goodnight right in the middle of us. She licks each of us for about 10 minutes, stares at us for a while. Starts yawning then she lays her head down in-between us and it’s time for bed.

No matter how crazy dogs can get, or how silly they can be there is nothing better then their love for you. They are so loyal, and cute and silly and I love all of them! But I especially love my silly, crazy pup Izzy (even when she is stealing toilet paper, blankets, slippers, the controller, my phone….) I wouldn’t change my entertaining days with her for anything :), All dogs matter!




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