Your person…

You were home and I didn’t even know it yet…

You meet this special person and your whole world turns upside down. It might not happen right away, but eventually it does and you are sent on a roller coaster of emotions. That’s the thing about love, its not always good, it’s not always this fairy tale story of two people forever being in love. Sometimes you could love someone your whole life and not ever be together.

I guess the hardest part would be finding your person. People have all these special things they want in a significant other. Have you ever looked at your past relationships though? I’m sure they are not your definition of who your perfect match would be. You want someone successful, someone charming, they have to be beautiful or handsome, they have to love their family, oh and don’t forget they also have to be funny and a real lady or gentleman.

WRONG…. that would be too perfect, it would be too right. Everyone who is married or is engaged or that is in a serious relationship, when you really sit down and think about the qualities of your significant other what comes to mind? Well I have been in a relationship for a long time and I will tell you what I think of when I think of the qualities I love in him, they are mostly the silly ones I learned to love throughout our years together.

I think about his passion, even when he is playing video games or watching sports and yelling at the other team constantly (which 99% of men do). Others may see that as oh what a guy thing to do, but I see it as all the wonderful passion I get from him when it comes to loving me. He is the most stubborn, sarcastic and grumpy person I have ever met (maybe besides my grandpa 😉 ) but that’s what makes a person who they are, it’s the raw truth that you want to see and learn to love unconditionally.

You find all these imperfections in people sometimes and you start thinking hmmm, is this really what I want? some people walk away, but some people stick around and see what else there is. You start to intertwine the perfections and imperfections and they become everything you’re going to love most. They are fun, spontaneous, boring, quirky, annoying, and carefree. They all start to become perfect over time. You could do everything under the sun but at the end of the day EVERYBODY wants that boring. You cherish it, those couch nights watching movies, eating junk food, cooking dinner together, laying around all day, lost in each other. Those are the most intimate times, you want that with the one you love.

People are all these different things and they make up everything you hope to have with them. You will look back and wonder how you even got to be with this person and you won’t even be able to think of a specific reason because it just happens. Love just happens, when you’re not looking for THE ONE. When you’re not making mental lists of what your person needs to be. You find them randomly, and sometimes it takes time. You may need to get to know them, the real them. You may already know them, you just don’t really know everything they have to offer. People are worth it, they are worth the wait and worth getting to know. They may be your person someday, they may be what you call home…



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